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The Life Purpose Series-Insight 2

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Everyone is born with a ''differentiating factor'' in them but it gets diluted over a period of many ''get lost in the crowd'' (believing that it is safe ''to belong somewhere'' and live the life most people live, take up the professions most people are into and make the choices that most people would choose) ...due to stereotype conditioning and stunted ability to reason out .

I dedicate this quote below, to those, ‘who dare to think differently’ from the herd.

''Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail''--Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ''path less trodden'' may not seem that easy but it is definitely going to ''bring out that uniqueness'' in you...You will pleasantly surprise yourself and several others ! smile emoticon All birds fly in flocks but the ''Eagle'' is the only one which has the courage to ''fly alone'' and it does fly with other eagles but with a respectable distance maintained. ''LIVING YOUR OWN UNIQUE LIFE PURPOSE'' IS ALL ABOUT , ''LIVING THE EAGLE SPIRIT'' AND SOARING WAY HIGHER THAN YOU EXPECTED TO EVER SOAR !

Now this may sound like a riddle but mull over it ...''deeper substance & sense'' may dawn...- In freeing yourself from belonging to any particular fundamentalist or liberalist group or way of thinking/ living , is when you belong everywhere, you're able to connect with other souls from every other walk of life, continent and people with varied choices ( in the whole universe). The flow turns out to be feel 'one with a hippie', 'one with a monk', 'one with a materialistic leader'...and in fact....''one with all'' !

In the earthly realm, we are born of a particular color, into a particular community/ country/ race, we later choose a particular group of friends, we get stuck up in some team in an organization can keep adding categories...but all that happens is, the ''more you get stuck in belonging to some group'' , you begin to operate in silos/ compartments...and lose sight of the ''bigger picture''. Once you free yourself by trying to confine or belong to these ''categories'' evolve beyond this compartmentalized way of thinking and living....your consciousness will expand and you will be able to embrace ''the uniqueness'' within yourself and others. Above all you sure to find your ''own unique purpose'' in this life ! That's where the birth of the ''new you'' happens where you have something unique to contribute... Read on...for more clarity

We referred to the ''critical mass'' in the last ''Insight''. What is it?

Across the world from different professional spheres, age groups, across genders, countries, faiths and more there are a growing set of awakened and enlightened human beings whose ''individual and collective influence'' is positively impacting several lives, through their unique contributions in the world of science, technology, politics, ecological science, spirituality, psychology, law, sports, art, business, journalism, social & family welfare, education, defense, humanities-child & adult development etc. These human beings are responsible for a ''significant shift in global consciousness''. They have been able to go ''way beyond themselves and their homes'' and tap into their highest potential to be able to make a difference towards a ''series of causes'' and thereby touch many lives .

So well, this is the ''mechanics behind human existence'' (from a majority perspective )....alright so you are born ...what next...go to school, college...and take up a professional stream which the majority opts for, family, friends and relatives will give their 100 different opinions on what you should do and not do ! ...Alright...then what next... oh yes most will try to ''fit in'' to belong to these friends, family, relatives and professional circles which will keep telling them 'what to do and what not to do'! Most will 'swallow their own aspirations' and say not my cup of tea in this lifetime!...Many will chase money loads and loads......go on ...get a job, run overseas as fast as possible and sing the national anthem on 'Independence day' and ritualistically salute the martyrs for sometime and proceed with their lives ...oh okay...some will say ' not a job, for me its a career'- So what is a career (it's more long-term, extra perks, can get you some fame too...something intellectually stimulating which is again revolving around you and how your immediate family can benefit)? - handsome package, fascinating designations...some leadership positions to suit the 'false prestige', travel the world...and on the personal front...may be get married....because everyone is at x or y age, produce two children because most people have two children ...or oh no ! may be try multiple it's a new trend in certain countries to start exploring this option - 'variety is the spice of life'...or may be live with 'no concrete strings- may be try a live-in relationship' sounds better than marriage...alright what next...and then well, if children are born , get ready to continue the series with children growing up....and getting them to ''set their lives''- the cycle of procreation and existence continues....and then grow old even before you are 80 with all kinds of psychosomatic diseases developed by 45...And why is that after all of these experiences a good number of people have been feeling ''empty'' with wealth, variety and all these choices...????.SO IS THIS WHY ALL OF US HUMAN BEINGS WERE BORN? IS THIS YOUR PURPOSE? OR IS THERE SOMETHING MORE TO THIS...AND IF YES ...WHAT IS THAT ''MORE''?

Are you mastering a particular subject/ or set of subjects because you're passionate about them all? Are you in a particular job/ career that makes your heart sing? Through your career or life...are you inspired to make a difference to lives beyond ''yourself and your family''? Are you making that difference towards a cause that you are so much in love with? Are you traveling the world to study the ''diversity'' and to merge with the universe or to boast to people around that you traveled x number of places? Your career has gifted you with wealth, leadership and much more...are you using this power to just do your job and return home and be happy with the money hitting your bank account...or are you a leader who is able to go beyond your defined ''role'' and inspire the people who work for you or with you or beyond your team? Are you a ''transformational leader''? Are you marrying because you truly resonate with the person that you are marrying or because you'll grow old and you won't find anybody else? Are you seeking a man or woman to submit to, merely for carnal pleasures or for a soulful companionship that unites you both intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically? Are you having children because deep inside, you feel called to have them or are you just contributing to population explosion because elders said once married you ought to produce two children?

The ''critical mass'' goes beyond these clichéd forms of existence and these people are indeed able to 'commit to something way beyond' themselves....They live their lives with a 'deeper sense of purpose'. It doesn't dawn on them overnight...they are receptive and open to the preparation (sometimes even tough preparation ) that goes into ''finding and living their life's purpose'' which is not just about ''ambition'' but carries ''meaning'' ! As a result of this....depending on what their true calling is, they are able to manifest great health, wealth, character , peace and are able inspire others to manifest this as well !


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