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Presenting ''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series''

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I am a ‘’Mind, Body & Spirit Entrepreneur ’’. As part of my new mission ''Reena Ram-LIVE THE EAGLE SPIRIT'', I take this opportunity to present to you ''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series'' which is an endeavor to connect with my audience on

‘’LIVE THE EAGLE SPIRIT’’ is about practicing ‘’The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Positive Principles’’ at the Organizational and Individual level.

‘Eagles’ are visionaries and examples of exemplary leaders with principles, courage and conviction. An ‘Eagle’ uses both ‘Intellect’ and ‘Intuition’ to soar to great heights! So it is about enhancing the 'Leader' in you whether you're already a current Business Leader or Leader in any other professional field, or you are a future emerging Leader. The core essence is to sustain that 'Individuality in you’, whether you are a Business Corporation/Institution or for that matter an ‘Individual’ without having to surrender to mediocrity or the herd mentality, in pursuing your goals with an indefatigable zeal.

About ‘’The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series’’

''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series'' will present insights that are mostly authored by me, based on my deep rooted learnings, revelations and experiences of ‘’Life & Leadership at a holistic level''. The ''holistic level'' is nothing but the fact that, when the ''Mind, Body & Spirit'' are in perfect alignment we are able to operate at our  very best in our professional and personal lives. The objective of these Series is, to awaken the ‘’evolutionary spirit’’ that lies deep within you to contemplate, act and grow in every area of your lives.

This is meant for people from all walks of life, people across  different physiological age groups, across genders(including Transgender folks who belong to the third gender) and across countries. You could be a Corporate Leader, Future Business Leader, a Corporate Professional, a Bureaucrat, an Educationist, a Surgeon, a Writer, a Student, an Artist, a Lawyer, a Parent, a Home-maker etc. In whatever role you play, I believe you are ''Leaders in your own right'' and ''Evolution and Transformation'' is an integral part of your growth journey.

As we transform for the best, we are able to manifest greater households, business corporations, educational institutions, a robust legal system, extraordinary contributions in the field of art , literature and several other spheres and above all we manifest a greater world .

''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series'' will appear as ''Image based Individual Insights'' with a brief supporting note in the ‘’Articles Section'' on . I hope that each ''Insight'' will inspire all those who are reading it and enable  all of you  to stay awakened, balanced , relaxed, introspective and action-oriented towards your ''self-transformation journey''.

''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series'' will  focus on ‘’different themes '’ for a particular duration.

I affirmatively believe that through this endeavor your energies would be uplifted at the ''Mind, Body & Spirit'' level.


Love & Light,
''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series''
A ''Thought Leadership Initiative''
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