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Reena Ram

Reena Ram

Bangalore, India

I help you to grow ''holistically'' and  master 'Self-leadership'. I 'Inspire' you to use your 'Intellect' & 'Intuition' effectively to manifest your aspirations.

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About Myself

I am an exuberant '’Mind, Body & Spirit Entrepreneur & Marketing Evangelist’’. As part of this new venture-''Reena Ram-LIVE THE EAGLE SPIRIT'', I play varied roles as an Inspirational Life & Leadership Coach, Soulful Writer, Brand Consultant and Creative Artist (integrating therapeutic art in Life & Leadership Programs).

I extend my gratitude to life , for my diverse professional, academic and personal exposure, experiences and successes in varied fields at different levels (district, state, national and international) such as: in Managerial & Leadership roles in the corporate sphere, Self Development & Leadership/Coaching/Mentoring  Development Areas of Study & Practice, as a Visiting Business Faculty in the Education Sphere, as a Creative Artist trained in the genre of Hindustani Classical Vocal and Tabla (the North Indian percussion instrument/drums),Playback & Contemporary Theatre, Sketching & Painting, Writing, Martial Art (Karate), Bharatanatyam and Belly Dance, part of the Bharat (India)Scouts & Guides Movement, Yoga & Fitness, Secular Spiritual Practice Techniques and Social work towards senior citizens, orphans and more.

This vast exposure has enabled me to grow ''creatively and rather holistically at the Mind, Body & Spirit level'' through numerous awakenings, enriching and enlightening moments that turned out to be ‘’magical, miraculous and life transforming’’ for me in terms of my various pursuits in different areas of my life.

Well,  it is not just success that has ''shaped me'' to be ''who I am today'' but also different challenging situations at different stages of life that, enabled me to develop what I call ''divine resilience''. This in turn led to  breakthroughs that showed me the path to ''true freedom and wisdom'' ! All of these collective experiences, guided me on a path towards ''Self-discovery and Self-realization '' at a very early age .

These varied experiences have also given me several opportunities to build a large ''heterogeneous social and professional network'' of different people(both nationally and globally) from different walks of life, irrespective of their physiological age, gender, educational and economical backgrounds, culture etc. I have come to a very natural understanding about their life stories, their varied paths , their challenges and all that lies way beyond ''what's obvious'' to the eyes of many. 

You could be  a Corporate Leader/ Emerging Leader/Professional in any professional sphere (at any hierarchical level), Educationist/ Professor/Teacher, Lawyer, Engineer, Surgeon, Scientist, Senior Bureaucrat, Defense Officer, Writer, Creative Artist(Actor/Musician, Dancer etc), Student, a Homemaker, Parent etc,  whoever you are and whatever stage of life you are in,  it's my pleasure to be a ''growth catalyst'' in your life.

As long as you are inclined to live a ''purpose driven life'' filled with both ''ambition and meaning'', I am happy to make a positive  and powerful difference in your life !


I have had over 11 years of professional experience, in successfully formulating, leading and delivering Strategic Marketing Solutions to large MNCs, Small and Mid-Sized Growing Companies with global footprint, across industry sectors (Media, Human Resource Consulting & Recruitment, Business Consulting,  Life & Leadership Training & Coaching and Information Technology) .

I  possess an in-depth understanding of global, diverse and complex business practices with a strong grip on: Self-Leadership & People Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Brand Management, Market Research & Intelligence, Priority Account Management and Business Development.

Some of the companies and brands that I worked with are (in ascending order of career moves):

‘Businessworld’ a renowned business magazine
People-One Consulting which was a JP Morgan Funded Venture currently known as Adecco (a world leader in Human Resource Workforce Solutions )
Inquest Foundation (a brief Entrepreneurial stint at the very early stages of my business career- as part of the Founding Member team of a ‘Soft-Skills Training Organization)
Grant Thornton (after the Big 4, the 6th largest Accounting and Business Consulting Firm in the world)
Ernst & Young as Manager/Associate Vice President- Strategic Growth Markets, India Representative in the EMEIA Region (is one of the ''Big 4'' Audit firms and one of the 'Top 3'' Professional Services Firms in the world )
IonIdea as Associate Director -Marketing (a Washington DC headquartered Entrepreneurial IT and ITES Services company which was ranked in the early 21st century, as one of the fast growing Inc 500 companies in the US).


My expansive  approach to life also comes from the fact that, I have had the opportunity to study and experience different places in the ''Mountains, the Sea Coast and the Plateau'' and I have  attend close to 10 Educational Institutions (predominantly in a co-education atmosphere and few years in an ''all girls convent'')  right from my  Montessori Education as an infant, till my Post Graduation. 

I have an MBA degree with a specialization in Marketing from one of  the reputed Business Schools in India, ICFAI Business School and a Post Graduate Diploma in Global Sales and Marketing (PGDGSM) with a specialization in SPIN Selling® Sales Technique of Huthwaite International, UK from NIS Sparta (currently Asia’s leading ‘Training, Education and Learning Solution’s provider) .

I also carry an ‘International Certification in Behavior Modification, Thinking, Learning and Personality Styles’ (focused on human psychology & human behavior) by Oscar Murphy Int. PTE Ltd.(currently known as Oscar Murphy Life Strategists Pvt Ltd, Singapore ). I have developed my competencies in the areas of ''Self-Leadership'' which is of prime importance for any individual to progress in different areas of one's life.

Apart from  my own  personal and professional work related learnings  and study in ''Human Psychology, People & Business Leadership'', more learning  was acquired through  Life & Leadership Programs with reputed Institutes such as The Landmark Forum (Life Program by Landmark Education), ‘Pinnacle-Achieving Professional Excellence’ by Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc, Ken Blanchard’s Leadership Program on ‘Lead Like Jesus’ (Servant Leadership), ‘Crucial Conversations’ by VitalSmarts and the ‘Social Styles of Leadership’ by the TRACOM Group in Amsterdam.


I was a ‘Visiting Business Faculty’ at ICFAI Business School and at Wigan & Leigh College of Advertising (UK headquartered) in Bangalore and handled programs in : ‘Integrated Marketing Communications’, ‘Strategic Marketing Management and Case Studies’, ‘International Marketing’, ‘Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility of Corporates & Designers’.

I mentored corporate women professionals with respect to their careers at the ‘Biz Divas Global Mentoring Walk’ (a National Network of Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs with headquarters in Delhi) on the occasion of ‘International Women’s Day’ in 2014.  

Some of my ''Motivational Speaking Sessions'' at Educational Institutions and Corporates were on   :

  • ''Mind, Body & Spirit Power’ as a tool used in ‘'Self Defense-Martial Art'’ for women professionals
  • ''Living an empowered life holistically'’ and '‘Living your Life Purpose -A spiritual and pragmatic stance'’ for the youth
DO VISIT ''MY ARTICLES'' SECTION- For ''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series''  and Stay Inspired!

I can be reached through the LinkedIn platform or at


My work and process details

At this juncture, I am a ''LIFE, SPIRITUAL & EXECUTIVE COACH'' In fact,  I strongly believe that, each of these cannot be segregated from one another as they are more interconnected. Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Professional/ Material growth are all part of ''LIFE''! I focus on ''all the above areas of human growth'' as I firmly believe  that in the long run, ''holistic progress'' is the key to a wholesome and fulfilling life.

Feel free to reach me to work on any of the above mentioned areas or a collective mix of all of them.

Over the years, I have developed my ''own coaching, mentoring & training style'' and this has worked effectively with people that, I have coached and mentored even prior to taking this up as a profession. However, my endeavor as a Coach is to constantly keep evolving and improving my style to be able to do my very best in ''touching  as many lives as possible'' in this lifetime.

I strongly opine that my role is not to ''empower people'' as every human being is already born ''empowered''. However, I play the role of a ''human transformation growth catalyst'' in your life, as I believe ''Transformation is a journey from yourself to yourself'' .


It takes a minimum 12 (hourly sessions- one per week) for a span of 3 months to a maximum of 24 sessions spreading across 6 months in certain cases to bring about ''noticeable transformation'' with sessions combined with conscious practice done by the Coachee .  I would love to give my best in terms of my time and energy to those who genuinely  feel passionate and committed to their ''own growth journey''. There is a saying ; ''When the student is ready the right teacher appears''. So same is applicable with respect to a 'win-win association of growth'' between a ''Coach & Coachee'' .  


1) To inspire you to live your ''life's truest purpose'' at your ''highest divine potential''. This is when your individuality ''stands out'' and you become ''an unforgettable brand'' in terms of your impact and contribution that you make in your personal, professional lives and way beyond.

2) To integrate ‘’Mind, Body & Spirit Techniques’’ to enhance ‘’creative holistic living’’.

3) To inspire you to think and act ''laterally'' and arrive at ''creative and rational solutions'' with respect to your goals /in your area of development.


1 ) The initial conversation is to understand your journey so far. To gauge your strengths, your aspirations, your ''stated needs of development'' and to intuitively spot your ''unstated areas of development/ gaps/ blocks''

2) Create a ''personalized program'' with pertinent ''program material'', that delves into different areas of your growth

3) A ''two-way feedback process'' between 'you as my Coachee and I as your Coach' to ensure that we're well-aligned with each other and the flow of the program

4) Follow-through ''review sessions'' to be able to understand your progress and also jointly jubilate over it

5) The sessions are:
a) Interactive , Intense and filled with Energy
b) You will have moments of ''Epiphany'' (revelations, awareness and realization)
c) Experiential Exercises- Intellectually, Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically ( in case of an in-person session )
d) Filled with ''Brainstorming and Self-introspective moments''


‘’LIVE THE EAGLE SPIRIT’’ is about practicing ‘’The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Positive Principles’’ at the Organizational and Individual level.

‘Eagles’ are visionaries and examples of exemplary leaders with principles, courage and conviction. An ‘Eagle’ uses both ‘Intellect’ and ‘Intuition’ to soar to great heights! So it is about enhancing the 'Leader' in you whether you're already a current Entrepreneur, Business Leader or Leader in any other professional field, or you are a future emerging  and aspiring Leader , a Professional in any field .

The core essence is to sustain that 'Individuality in you’, whether you are a Business Corporation, Educational Institution or any other Organization/ Institution for that matter an ‘Individual’ without having to surrender to mediocrity or the herd mentality, in pursuing your goals with an indefatigable zeal.

At the Individual level, this mission endeavors to help ‘Individuals’ to utilize both their ‘Intellect’ and ‘Intuition’ effectively to create ‘Inspired manifestations’ which bring about breakthroughs in terms of their dreams and goals in different areas of their lives. The goal is to awaken the ‘evolutionary spirit’ that lies within ‘Individuals’ from different walks of life, and to encourage them to build their courage and conviction to live their ‘true calling’ and be an inspiration to many more lives. As an individual it's about building yourself into an impactful ''Brand'' and not merely surviving.  In a nutshell, this mission is about helping individuals grow at the ‘holistic level’, by tapping into their highest potential at the ‘’Mind, Body & Spirit level’’ and mastering ‘Self-leadership’.

 At the Organizational level, this mission endeavors to help ‘Organizations’ at a ‘holistic level’ to consistently build exceptional ‘Business & People Leadership’ in order to create Businesses and Brands that are ‘Built to Last’ as they keep evolving from being ‘Good to Great’.  It is of significance for professionals and leaders in Organizations to utilize both their ‘Intellect’ and ‘Intuition’ in a balanced fashion to take ‘Inspired Decisions and Actions’ and manifest breakthroughs in different spheres of Business, People Leadership and Education.

In summary, this mission is about raising the consciousness in ‘Businesses, Education and Life’ by integrating Psychology, Education, Business & Leadership, Art & Spirituality (i.e; this is about awakening the ‘divinity’ within you as an Institution/ Corporation or Individual) to create an awakening and transformative experience.

Relevant accomplished ‘’Senior Experts’’ are also part of this mission.

DO VISIT ''MY ARTICLES'' SECTION- For ''The Eagle Spirit Life & Leadership Series''  and Stay Inspired!

I can be reached through the LinkedIn platform or at


Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Nitin Sail- Assistant General Manager|Corporate Sales -at 93.5REDFM | Bangalore

I discovered a customized solution through ''Reena Ram's Personalized Individual Coaching Program'' which offers the right blend of ''Holistic Approaches and Practical Solutions'' that can positively impact different areas of an individual's life

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At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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