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Prasanna Vasudevan

Prasanna Vasudevan

Mumbai, India

I help you Achieve Results in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Career, Personality Development, Personal Relationships and Mental Fitness 

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About Myself

Prasanna Vasudevan is a successful first generation entrepreneur who has been successfully running his learning and development firm in Mumbai since 2010, Prasanna Vasudevan is the Founder of Bow and Arrow Learning. He is a Master Practitioner in NLP and also is a certified facilitator and coach in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Psychometric Assessments (DISC 2.0 Classic and Everything DISC). 

Prasanna has more than 2 decades of experience having worked with Global Fortune 500 Companies like Nestle, Exxon Corporation, Shell and Coca Cola. He has held leadership positions in various organisations before set out on his own.

Prasanna brings with him credibility of having trained, coached, facilitated and mentored employees in more than 100 organisations covering more than 25000 participants and more than 10 different industries in his learning and development career. 

He lives in Mumbai. An avid cyclist, he does endurance rides with groups and also works with homeless people and has been feeding them in different parts of India under a service banner "Bharath Bhojana"

My work and process details

The Coaching process I adopt is all about my client. Its all about your outcome that you are looking for in a coaching session and the goals and actions that you would take. An effective questioning model leads the client to their desired outcomes. 

The right mix of Emotional Intelligence, NLP and Psychometric tools enables the client to reflect their current standing and areas that they would like to focus.

Mentoring if permitted by the client comes in handy during the coaching session.

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Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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