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Executive coaching - Dealing with the mental block

by Dr. Pramod Solanki Share via -

As an HR practitioners who has engaged coaches for the senior executives (as a part of leadership development efforts ), I have personally known a major block  in the way of fully leveraging coaching, particularly by many high performing business heads. And the block has to do with the self-talk by many such executives - 'what can this 'coach' teach me that I do not know? This internal dialogue (which the executives share with likes of us , sometimes) only gets more pronounced if the coach happens to be much younger in age with limited experience of the corporate World. I have even known of some the executives getting into win-lose communication with the coaches because of this self -talk. 

Though the 'expectation setting' phase of coaching deals with this issue to some extent, what in my opinion would also help is an open conversation by the stakeholders (Management , HR & coach ) with the executives that a coach is not engaged 'to  make up for the deficit in their competence'. A coach is engaged to help them 'leverage their own competence better' for which he ( a coach ) is trained. And, that the skill and process he brings to the table have nothing to do with his years of experience in the corporate World.

Once there is a wholehearted acceptance of a coach's role by the executives, the quality of sharing will significantly improve and thereby, enhancing the effectiveness of coaching.

As the coaching practice takes roots in India, we the stakeholders need to do our bit to nurture it. That's why this little piece.

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