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The world needs greater minds to lead and that great leader could be you!

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Action is inevitable. All actions yield results both good and bad, some may be beneficial for the individual but wrong for the society we live in, while some may cause loss for the individual yet good for the society at large. Directing a righteous action requires understanding of the factors of Life and such actions bring good results. Action when misdirected produces evil. All the ill situations and sufferings of today are because of misdirected actions of individuals who lack understanding of critical factors of life and who possess faulty character.

Perversion of the good is the reason for all the wrongs ever produced in the world. Misusing of things could happen either from ignorance or lack of character, or both. Basically, a person who does not understand the factors and the forces of the world he lives in will make mistakes. Such a person will make misuse of nearly everything that the world has to offer and that is there in the sphere of his/her action, unless guided by the learned wise men. I agree that every man makes mistakes but only the wise one corrects his mistakes and tries to understand the factors before it becomes too late and dangerous.

Man is a social being; taught and trained, guarded and guided, nurtured and nourished by a fellow human being. Thus the guidance of Greater minds is necessary to the wellbeing of the human race, but not sufficient though; this guidance helps only to a limited degree as long as the actions of the individual are simple. But when greater development is assayed it becomes more complex. Hence the individual cannot depend on others for guidance; he must try and master the laws of life and build a strong character.

I believe that the true purpose of the strong is to raise greater strength in the weak but not to leave the weak where they are at the mercy of the strong. Therefore, the leadership of greater minds is not for keeping the multitude in a state of simple mindedness and dependence but for developing the intelligence of each dependent individual until external guidance to him/her is no longer needed. The true purport of leadership is to lead the many from dependence to independence.

In the current age it is evident to a great degree among the strong to use the weakness of the weak for one’s gains. If our fore fathers and fathers, teachers and trainers have not contributed strength to our weak minds at different stages of our life cycle, we would have been left weaker and ignorant, struggling to understand the laws of life and doing mistakes in the whole sphere of our actions. I must also stress, as experience establishes, that it is not only the guidance that prevents all the mistakes, because the individual requires a substantial amount of understanding to apply the advice of the leader in a right manner. One who has no understanding will therefore pervert the factors of life at every act, no matter how well they are guided by wise and learned. One with certain amount of understanding will invariably begin to do things without consulting the wise and the learned. Every strong mind should seek to develop strength in the weak.

Building a strong mind is nothing but to build a strong character. Character is the force that directs thoughts to action. We learn from our mistakes, is a true statement provided introspection happens immediately after realizing the mistake and a better understanding is attained. Because it is said that we learn from mistakes, it does not mean that we can make mistakes intentionally. When a child does a mistake we know it is out of ignorance and inability to understand but when a grown-up does mistake we are not ready to admit it as ignorance, instead we name it as act of negligence or intentional. When one starts learning from his mistakes he/she acts consciously to do everything right. Being conscious only of the right is causing everything in its sphere of action to be right. A wrong action shows weaker character. It is true that it is character that defines a person! What is this character?

When one fails to do what he/she wants to do, his/her character becomes weaker. When what you preach and practice is different, your character becomes weaker. When someone fails to be as perfect, as good or as ideal as he/she wish to be, his/her character is at fault. All Actions of the mind are directed by the character. When you think you can accomplish something and failed to accomplish, something is being misdirected. Lack of Character or a weak character misdirects all the actions. When you fail to do what you can do, some of the powers of your being are being misdirected. All mental tendencies that are counter, critical or resisting indicate a deficiency in character.

Someone who is influenced to do what he would not do under normal conditions has a weak character. And being affected by surroundings, events, circumstances and conditions against his/her will also indicate the same inadequacy. Always remember, a strong character is never influenced against his/her will. He/she with strong character never becomes upset, offended or depressed and is never disturbed by anything. No one can insult him/her for, he/she is above the small states of mind, and is stronger than those things that may tend to produce small states of mind. The desire to criticize becomes less and less as the character is developed. It is the mark of a fine character never to be decisive.

When the light is made brighter, the darkness will disappear by itself.  As long as you are in the clutches of fear, discouragement and worrisome, realize that it indicates that character needs development. One with strong character never submits to fate, give in to adversity, give up in the midst of difficulties, or surrender to failure or wrong. A person with more temper is less in character. Temper is a state of depression and disturbance that misdirects the mental energy.

The mind that changes easily, that is attracted to the appearances, that is easily carried away, and that does not retain a well-balanced attitude on any subject lacks character. As quoted by Albert Einstein, Weakness of Attitude becomes weakness of Character. A strong character is not built easily; it is an incessant conscious introspection of oneself. This reformation happens gradually step by step, practice being yourself and your character will be developed. Being conscious of flaws and defects is a clear sign of weaker character because everything is being misdirected when the character is weak. The strong character is conscious only of the right because such a character is right, and is causing everything in its sphere of action to do right.

I hope you agree with my statement that character has been neglected in our system of education. All the subjects we teach our children help them to grow and earn own living but will not help them in a quality living in harmony with the society and human race at large. The belief system of several religious systems in the world state that repentance insures human welfare in the future world. Repentance after action makes one weaker instead if one realizes that all our daily actions are determined by character, the subject drags the attention. When the focus shifts to character we can see that it is the power of character that directs everything in the human system, it is the hub through which all the impressions, expressions must pass, and character defines the quality of life also most importantly character determines whether our skills, faculties and talents are best or not.

A person with well-developed character has the power to turn energy to good cause, and has the power of perseverance in the right attitude despite the challenging situations of life. Such a person will not make mistakes nor falls prey to pernicious temptation. This person will reach the goal without fail.

The beginning of every commitment is well but before long turned off the track, misled by counter attractions before accomplishment of the goal. This is the sign of weak character. Change in plans necessarily need not be a sign of weak character as it is sometimes wisdom to do so but this change has a reason. Changing with every circumstance is to drift with the stream of circumstance. A person who drifts lives the life of a log falling prey to the external influences controlling little or nothing and will accomplish little or nothing. One must not let circumstances change plans but give strong character to one’s plans that change the circumstances. When various factors and forces of the system are properly channeled, directed and employed, the development of the entire mental plane is promoted and this means greatness. Negligence of character development universally is one of the chief reasons why great personalities are not numerous. A person whose mental plane has developed and is using mental laws properly but is failing to comply with moral laws does not possess a complete character. The character of such a person is as good as the person who follows moral law but is constantly ignoring the mental laws of life.

The strong and well developed character attempts to streamline all the energy of the mental plane into the most constructive channels and it is the mark of a real character. When the character is weak, there is conflict and confusion in the mental plane. A person with strong character acts in harmony and all his acts are constructive.

Weeds grow without attention, not so with roses. Be attentive and try to build a strong character which directs all your actions in a noble channel. The world needs greater minds to lead and that leader could be you! Developing strong character is not easy; you must invest time and energy and be consciously alert. Great powers of the mind unfold for those who can build strong character, everyone cannot reach there.

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