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PArineeta Mehra

PArineeta Mehra
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Career Coach

Mumbai, India

I help you  achieve success in your emotional, physical and functional areas of your life, and also help you enjoy improved results and enhanced relationships, both at work and in personal

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About Myself

The greatest achievement in life is to have the ability to create the world around you, so that it matches the dreams in your mind." Mike Dillard. And nothing beats the skill of Creative Visualization when it comes to making this happen. It has been my dream to have a career that influences peoples' lives and Society at large in a manner so as to leave a mark for betterment and growth. I believe that there is a solution for everything. It's only that as Individuals caught up in the centre of the issue/challenge, our vision get blurred. she conducts uniquely crafted programs in corporates and colleges, so as to help individuals overcome their current challenges and evolve in their lives.

Holding a Bachelors’ degree in Literature, i  have experience across Industries right from Media to Insurance to Retail; worked in reputed organizations like Times of India, Zee Telefilms, ICICI Prudential, Birla Group, Reliance Retail and NIS Sparta Ltd. handling managerial positions. Team management has been my forte, and i thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating and maintaining teams in organizations that i worked with. Realizing and accepting my inner calling of moving into the Coaching space, I equipped myself with the necessary Credentials for Coaching ie an ICF Certification and  Master Goldsmith Certification for  Executive Coaching as well. I have also done the NLP and Enneagram Certifications to assist me to excel in my chosen line of Coaching and Facilitation.  My relevant qualifications coupled with experience of working with corporates gives me the advantage of understanding the points of view of HR/L&D/ Business Heads.

I have been in the field of coaching, mentoring and training since the beginning of the year 2010, but formalised and completed my credentialing journey only recently. Have successfully created and delivered Programs in the following reputed organizations : ICICI Prudential, Reliance Retail, Maruti Group,  Cummins, Zee Telefilms, and Mahindra Group. Besides. I also conduct open workshops for  Programs on Communication, Team Leadership and Experiential Outbound Programs, that are personalised as per the desired outcomes of the sponsor/client.

My work and process details

My coaching process is highly customized and free-flowing, yet following a structure that gets woven during the session, in collaboration .It is action-oriented, full of tools and self-assessments, so that you get value in the very first session. The process involves helping you explore where you currently stand, understand where you would like to be, and bridge the gap so that you rapidly move towards your goals, and achieve them . The entire process is created in such a way that it will unlock your hidden potential, and help you experience success in the desired areas of life.

Right from exploring subjective experiences to focusing on individual behavioural changes, i assist individuals in tackling difficult issues at home and in their workplace in a manner that shifts between comfort/discomfort to help get the breakthrough desired by the Coachee/Group.I listen, understand and deliver.  Am passionate about leveraging Coaching as a strategic process to helps build your performance as defined by you-the Client.

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Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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