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Start the journey towards Happiness

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Whenever I have asked my listeners "What is purpose of your life?" Not many were prompt to reply...and when I asked "What do you want in life?"Most of  the answers tend to achieve the same intent. It is not so difficult to understand, ...well as a human being we all want to be Happy and satisfied, ...we want to keep our family, near and dear ones happy and live in a peaceful environment, isn't it?

When we all have same intent so what goes wrong?... The definition of Happiness is very personal, and many times not fully understood by an individual, we all focus on the external factors to set the benchmark of our happiness.It all begins with an individual, in general we have four key dimensions of our physical and social existence:

1. What we originally are

2. What we perceive we are

3.What people surrounding us perceive we are

4.What we think, how people surrounding us perceive us.

Always there is a gap in these four perceptions; generally we try to maintain the latter three and in the process ignore the first one, this causes lot of stress, bring unpleasant experiences, and we might broaden the gaps; and the cycle goes on.

To be happy we have to align the latter three with the first one. Life becomes more peaceful and happy as we minimize the gaps in these four. We can use the below steps to start the journey towards happiness.

STEP 1: For the first two, introspection is a powerful tool, which enables us to know ourselves better and bridge the gap. Once we have aligned these two, we know a lot about how we should take care about the other two.

STEP 2: For the third and fourth, effective feedback is which helps to keep the two aligned.

As our life undergoes continuous changes, we should be doing self introspection and take feedback regularly to maintain the happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

To start with, every day before sleeping spend few minutes on reviewing your activities during the day and see if they were aligned to your beliefs...Your subconscious will automatically align and the journey towards happiness will begin. Happy journey !

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