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How important is to review our Goals?

by Nawneet Joshi Share via -

We all know there are several phases in a human life, from childhood up till the old age, multiple short term goals and long term goals need to be set to organize the life. Without a goal or mission life is meaning less. Now the real question.., how does these goals help us ... besides giving us motivation to achieve them, they give us satisfaction or dissatisfaction when we are or aren't able to achieve them. Apart from these day to day impacts in our life they also give a direction to our complete life.

Interesting thing about life is that it is very easy to get distracted no matter if you get success or failures. Lets take one by one..., in case of success, once we achieve a short term goal, it leads to couple of more requirements which look much more attractive and important to us. We tend to give less importance to what we had achieved. During this phase there are high chances of getting distracted if we haven't co-related our short term goals with the long term goal.

In case of failure it is more obvious that we get distracted, as if we don't achieve a short term goal despite of our best efforts, we tend to get frustrated and try to look for other options. Start comparing or following someone who has achieved success; and this is the point where we might easily loose the track and get distracted from our long term goals.

The tip to get aligned with long term goal of life is to regularly review the short term goals, in case of success in a short term goal, take time to realize the success and align it with the next steps towards the ultimate goal, keep focus. In case of failure, it is important to analyze the reasons of failure if they were factors with-in your control or outside your control. Talk to friends or relatives who encourage you and can motivate you to give it a new start. Based on the failure analysis you can do some modification in strategy of approach rather changing the goal.

I can assure if we can identify the ultimate goal of life and align our short term goals accordingly satisfaction, happiness and success will follow ....

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