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Have you impressed yourself today?

by Nawneet Joshi Share via -

Most of us in our day to day life personal or professional, have people whom we try to impress. In some cases we really want to make efforts to keep them happy and in many cases we think we have to. Always we have an implicit pressure to do things in a way which would create a positive impression on those people.

This thought continuously remains in our subconscious mind and creates a hard-wiring of neurons, which gets deeper and stronger each day. We are not aware of it, but somehow this is one of the major reason we start behaving which is not natural to us.

As we all know, we are best when we are natural, without any pressure. Even when we try to over perform we might loose our flow.

Every day set reasonable targets for yourself to be achieved during the day, as you know your capabilities and what you should do ...Try to impress yourself by performing your best, without trying to impress someone else. Give your best ...and even if the results are not as per expectation, impress yourself by the way you performed on your end, and what you learned. Doesn't matter what you are doing, impress yourself by How you are doing it. Next day is there to apply the learning !

Every night before sleeping ask yourself - Have you impressed yourself today?

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