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Shifting from Casual Coaching to Committed Coaching

by Neeraj Tyagi Share via -

In my early days of coaching, I realized that what I coached couple of clients was actually casual coaching and not committed coaching. This realization came from my own coaching sessions with my life coach who suggested me to read a book that changed my coaching pattern and the coach in me, forever. I shifted from casual coaching to committed coaching and so do the individuals I work with for their goals.

So what are some of the indicators that you may be in casual coaching phase of your coaching career and want to move towards committed coaching. There could be infinite, however I am sharing five of them from my coaching experience.

  • Try vs Do – Casual coaching starts with trying few sessions to check the effectiveness and experience of coaching. It is not with the mindset that coaching works or not; it is with the mindset that if coaching works for me as a person or not. Committed coaching starts with the commitment to achieve the goal and figuring out everything else to make it happen.
  • Distractive vs Doable – Casual coaching is distractive. It is conducted casually with limited clarity on proper agenda and leadership being demonstrated by both coach and coachee. Committed coaching is doable and inspiring. 
  • Exhaustion vs Excitement – Casual coaching and its sessions ends with exhaustion. Coach and coachee both feel that they have worked hard to participate in coaching and may lead to feeling worried or stressed. Committed coaching sessions are full of excitement and exploration. 
  • Short lived vs Long lived – Casual coaching will end sooner or later as it is short lived. Depending on the goal and reason to engage coach at the first place also defines the length of coaching engagement. Committed coaching does not end just like that. It continues to grow and is long lived. 
  • Information vs Transformation – Casual coaching is all about information. It fulfills the need of knowing more, learning more and experiencing more of coaching. Committed coaching is all about transformation. It transforms life. It transforms the person. 

Shifting from Casual coaching to Committed coaching is not mandatory. It is optional. It is a shift that you as a coach or as a coachee make, as a choice.

Happy Coaching!!!

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