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5 Things I have learned from my life coach

by Neeraj Tyagi Share via -

It’s my privilege to share that I have a coach to work with and that too one of the best in India. It’s been almost a year that we are engaged and life couldn’t have been better than what it is with her. Today, when I reflect back to my search for getting myself coach, I was very clear whom I wanted and fortunately I got exactly what I was looking for. This makes me continue to believe that when intentions are great, only great things can happen to you.

While working with my coach, I realized that she is full of infinite wisdom and every hour spent with her is the best hour of my week. Not only every coaching session brings something immediately, it also creates a foundation for subsequent weekly interactions. It’s only possible to see the hidden value of coaching once you have committed to work on your goals for a substantial amount of time.

Here are the five things that I have learned from my life coach:

  • Create a safe environment– This is the most important thing I have learned from my coach. Right from our first session, she made me feel respected, heard and supported. She did that effortlessly by creating such a safe & sound environment that I could just speak up my mind, heart & soul without worrying about being judged. I could be exactly as I would be with myself. 
  • It’s okay to get stuck–She asked me “Have you ever found yourself stuck in coaching?”. You do not know what to say and the client also does not know what to say. So you both are silent. And you do not know what to do next. I said “Yes, I have experienced this and I did not like myself being in that situation.” She said “It’s okay to get stuck.” Suddenly I moved from not liking to need to learn. 
  • Invest in yourself– It’s become quite easy to become a coach and call yourself a certified coach. What has remained hard and will continue to be is to become a great coach. Why? This requires investment in self. Lots of investment I would say. Investment of time, money and energy on a regular basis. I loved this about my coach and fortunately able to imbibe it in my own journey to a certain degree. Yes, there is a lot yet to be done. 
  • Charge as you believe you deserve – Coaching Industry per se does not have a rule or regulation for charges globally. It is always recommended to charge an x amount of money based on your own learning, however there is no fool proof method to evaluate this. I learned from my coach that if I believe that I deserve a specific amount for my coaching services, I can go ahead and get it without the need of a justification. This is possible when you know deep inside that you have build yourself up to what you stand for. 
  • Always have a coach – In our life, we always acknowledge the presence of that one person we can fully rely upon, if ever life becomes challenging. This could be a family member or a close friend. What if it is possible to sail through the challenging times without having family or friend involved? Not because you cannot share things with them but because you can protect them from any impact that might not influence their life positively. Having a coach is not a good to have, it is a must have. 

Learning is possible with self-initiated actions and Transformation is possible with a self-hired coach.

Choice is yours. 

Happy Learning!!!

Neeraj Tyagi

Certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at

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