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Narinder Bhatia

Narinder Bhatia

Delhi, India

I help you turn your dreams into reality, convert your goals into accomplishments. get better day by day, session by session.

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About Myself

I am a Certified Life Coach from CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) and a Motivational Speaker assisting individuals and organisations achieve excellence. I hold a Masters degree in Applied Psychology, Basic Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a Certified Psychometric Test Administrator. I have also been practising Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am a seasoned professional with a passion for people development, I work towards enabling individuals, teams/ groups and organizations perform to their potential and thereby help them be more successful and productive in life (professional and personality). I bring with me a vast work experience of over 19 years across various domains/ sectors such as Skill Development, Vocational Education and Training, School Education, Construction, Information Technology and Hospitality. I am a member of India Coach Forum,

My coaching style is built on a "solution-focused" and "forward-moving" approach and I deliver coaching intervention in multiple areas of personal/ personality development like Goal-Setting, Career Transition, Leadership Development, Change Management, Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life Balance,Attitudinal Transformation, Stress Management and more, I maintain my personal website on life coaching at and few Personal Development blogs/ websites at and . I also operate a forum on coaching, India Coach Forum, which works towards promoting coaching culture within organizations in India.

During my professional corporate career, I have handled various portfolios and executed a number of projects. I have held several senior level positions such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Country Manager, Director, etc. and managed various teams (big and small). My last full time corporate assignment was as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) with Sector Skill Council as part of the National Skills Mission, Government of India where I contributed to the skill development in the country. I have worked across various domains/ sectors 

Through my Coaching and Training interventions I have impacted many thousands and brought in the desired transformation in my clients. 

My passion is "Human Empowerment" and my motto is "Enabling humans to be their best self"

I am a member of India Coach Forum, www.indiacoachforum

My work and process details

Goals are like cog on which our entire life depends. Considering the importance of goals in our lives, my coaching process puts "goal-attainment" as the key focus around which the entire coaching facilitation occurs.
The process facilitates the clients to fill the gaps while making the transition from "goal-setting" to "goal-getting". My process happens around the REFLECT-IDENTIFY-PLAN-PREPARE-ACT cycle. The details of each element in the cycle is as explained below :

  1. REFLECT - During this stage, the client takes a stock of things in life and gain an understanding of where they stand (in life) right now vis-a-vis where you would like to be. The client reflects on the past in order to improve the present and future. The insights gained during this stage helps the client analyse for creating a better life in future.
  2. IDENTIFY - A SWOT (Strengths-Weaknessess-Opportunities-Threats) analysis helps the client find out what's missing in his/ her life and what's disturbing life's balance.The client identifies the areas to cater to restore back the balance in life.
  3. PLAN - During this stage the client decides about goals (short-term, medium-term and long-term), milestones and checkpoints. It is ensured that the goals identified here align with the overall purpose of the client for taking up the coaching support.
  4. PREPARE - During this stage, the client equips himself/ herself with the necessary skill, knowledge and expertise required to accomplish the goals set
  5. EXECUTE - This is the stage where the client puts into action their Plan and achieve their mini-goals en route their main/ major goals.    

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Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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