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Why We don’t Meditate

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Why We don’t Meditate when we know it so beneficial for us

 Every living being is a unique and has a distinctive journey but we all have fundamental similarities.  All of us  are closer to our sub consciousness but since sub consciousness is purely spiritual in nature it is  entirely hidden from our view.

 During my spiritual journey in the present life, I found that meditation is the most important aspect of our life. It's the most important medium for human to connect with the divine and inner sub consciousness.  We always feel ourselves as an independent individual and this phenomenon only appears in our mind. But in reality we are a small energy which is a part of a  divine super consciousness. During the meditation we calm our present state of mind and that is the time we connect with our inner consciousness.

Every individual has his own reason for doing Mediation although wherever we start from each direction finally meets at the same terminus but the beginning starts from different points in our life. 

So It's important for us to know why are we doing meditation.  If we than know our goal focus become simpler. It is natural that anything which is hard on our body we try and avoid be it exercise , gymming, jogging, yoga etc. 

Meditation has unlimited benefits but still we avoid do and few reasons are as below. 

1.Laziness :  This first reason is laziness: Since it's an effort to take an initiative most people avoid to do meditation 

2. Guidance : People don't get correct guidance so after few days they simply lose interest. 

3. Excuses : we always question our self and give lame excuses for not doing things which are beneficial for us but need an effort. 

5. Rising up early: To do correct form of meditation one need to spare early morning hours . Which most of the people avoid. 

6. Ego: Meditation is the path to awaken your subconscious mind. So the conscious ego prevents this control going to subconscious mind. Gradually when we practice and somehow start to master the art of meditation the conscious ego surrenders this control to our pure subconscious mind.

7.  Faith : In meditation faith is extremely important but since results are not immediately visible we tend to lose faith.

There are several ways to stay on this path as it leads to spirituality.

So find someone who can guide you in meditation and I am sure you will never change your course of life ever.

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