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Successful Business Executives and Coaching

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Executive coaches plays a vital role for your performance

Do you know all world top performers have Executive Coaches?

What Industry Leaders Says

Forbes –“Top Golfers Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps have coaches. Even President Barack Obama has a coach, if you count David Axelrod. Microsoft‘s young high-potential leaders get coaches”

Forbes also writes “If elite athletes and organizations think they need coaches, shouldn’t you have one too? Shouldn’t we all?”

Microsoft Head Bill Gates, “Everyone should have a coach”
Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt says“ The best advice I have ever got was to get a coach”

He also said ”Every famous athlete and every famous person has a coach. We always need somebody watch what we are doing and one thing people are never good at seeing them as other see them”

 Standford  University “Nearly Two-Thirds of CEOs Do Not Receive Outside Leadership Advice – But Nearly All Want It”

 Why you need a Coach        

The job at senior level has never ever so challenging and at the same time so rewarding. But not many professionals are able to reach, let perform and sustain at those levels for very long time. A good experienced Executive Coach helps executives reach those levels, retain trajectory and grow further.

Constant monitoring and faster turnaround time

Some years ago, business turnaround time was slow and demand for go to market approach was also not expected to be swift. Correspondingly an executive’s longevity was longer as the performance was not reviewed with increased periodicity

Challenging Environment and Dynamic Complexities

Today’s business world is extremely dynamic with speedier Innovation, lightening communication, higher financial risk, multiple stakeholder, cut throat competition, rapid technological advances, complex man-management with multi culture & multi location operation and challenging behavioural issues

Performance driven operations

Current business environment demands surgical precision of day to day operation with much higher intelligence, integrity, attention and involvement

Need to Stay Sharp

Any entrepreneur or an executive who would like to attain success needs to stay sharp and relevant and at the same time maintain a true balance within himself.

Since business world is dynamic in nature it needs constant planning and operational strategy to the precision and all the action need to be well planned in advance with accurate knowledge about ones strengths and weakness.

When you Know you need a Coach 

Big question generally asked is when does organisation or an executive knows that they need coaching. And the simple answer is when either he is struggling to learn more how to manage himself or he is thriving to achieve a larger role in organisation or in life. 

And the prime indicator is   “You wish to Grow and Perform. Your performance is of a great value to you and the organisation”

How Coaches Help  

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values” – Fortune Magazine

Good coaches are those who probably have gone through similar situation in their career but it is not an essential requirement. Relationship, People, Organisation, Environment and Behavioural change is what is best known to the coaches. 

Further it is an added advantage for coach to have the experience and familiarity to understand the present situation, contest assumptions and options in order to get meaningful results.

15 Key areas where an executive gets benefited from coaching.

  1. Clarity on Goal and Vision.
  2. Identification of area of Strength and lesser skill
  3. Understanding on area of development and work on the upgrading the aptitude
  4. Work on development and performance improvement
  5. Create effective Strategy with and Plan of action
  6. Enhance leadership and effective man-management skills
  7. Team building and Conflict management
  8. Deeper learning on self and organisation.
  9. Build Self Confidence and self awareness
  10. Cultivate Positive attitude and Sustainable behaviour
  11. Work towards growth and speedy achievement
  12. Greater Performance and better results
  13. Global well being both on work and life balance.
  14. Continues follow up and measurement of achievement
  15. Assured results

Stanford University Executive Coaching Survey on the Areas CEO’s are getting coaching.

Return on Investment Achieved

So at the end it boils down to Return on Investment done by either organization or executive himself. Every one wish to know what in return they get by investing their time and money on such an activity.

In a Fortune Magazine study, The average executive reported monetary gains equalling six times the amount paid for coaching. Using the above calculations, that worked out to a 500% return on investment. So the executive coaching has an ROI of at least a 6:1 ratio, or for every $1 spent with a coach, there is at least a $6 return.

As per latest article of Matt Symonds   “US corporations such as GE, Goldman Sachs and Google now spending on executive coaching in the US alone at more than $1billion per year” 

Recent global survey by Price Waterhouse Coopers concluded “That the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, with over a quarter reporting an ROI of 10 to 49 times”

So this makes coaching a win-win preposition both for organisations and for executives.

You are invited to book a session to experience the power and coaching and be ready to take your career to higher levels - Manish Behl 

Manish is International  consultant, Certified Business  and Executive Coach. Motivational Speaker, Start up Mentor, Meditation and Yoga Practitioner. Author and blog writer to share view to create values  and purpose in your life. 

“Be ready to take your performance to the next level and be free do what you wish to do in Life” - Manish 

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