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You don’t have to be Alone to feel lonely. Lonely and Alone are two different words with wider different meaning. Lonely makes us isolate from this world whereas alone opens for all possibilities.

You are alone when you travel or simply when your family is not around and of course when you choose to be just with yourself. At the same time some people feel very lonely even when they are into a relationship or be a part of a huge crowd. It’s hard to find anybody who has not experienced the state of being lonely in some point in their life. So basically it’s a situation and the state of mind that can either make us lonely or alone.

Many people from all walks of life who don’t know how they are ended up where they are today and misunderstood the meaning of either being “lonely” or “alone” and then look ahead without having any idea where they are going……previously many a times even I also found myself in this situation so if you are feeling the same you are not alone.The key question is , can you do anything about it? Certainly yes just READ ON.

How you can transform your state of alone into a meaningful purpose??


It means the ability to respond and best part is that we all have the ability to choose how we respond to things that happen to us. Accepting and taking responsibility is the first step to experience your own purpose for living this life, which will motivate you to take resourceful actions to get our life back on track. Even if your life is looking ugly at the moment take charge and take responsibility for making changes. Don’t blame others but take time to create impact to unlock your situation.



Don’t just allow life to go by without aiming at something meaningful. Accept that nevertheless whatever happens to you LIFE CANT STOP,……. IT STILL GOES ONso as you. You have to find your own way to live on.

Many people surrender to their fate and shut down into the auto pilot mode which brings only more miseries to them and their surroundings. Try to visualize what is that you want to leave behind for which people will remember you after your farewell from this world. Imagining your end will bring back the lost power to create that purpose for which you want to live the rest of your life. Life is indeed a journey but purpose is the landing destination.


The meaning of celebration applies when everyone feels happy including you of course. You don’t need any party or festival to celebrate yourself. Celebrate when you take bath and feeling fresh and rejuvenated, celebrate when you listen to your favorite song, celebrate when people compliment you. You will get thousands of reasons to celebrate each and every day. Take every opportunity to celebrate , it will give you enough reasons for finding purpose and vitality to live this life irrelevant to the fact of being lonely or alone.


Life is not meant to live in isolation. It’s hard to find anybody who has successfully achieved greater heights without being influenced by positive people around themselves.

Explore and find somebody who can keep you accountable for your actions and help to choose right direction to reach your destination. Trust and Follow the great pathfinders such as Coaches, pastors, trusted confidant or just a well wisher who themselves are following the rules which makes their life a meaningful journey will also make you walk with energy and confidence.

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