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How to "up" your game and unleash your potential

by Ritu Mehta Share via -

My passion and profession of being a Life Coach empowers me to know about people a lot more in detail than we normally do. Countless hours and coffee mugs drowned on peeling layers of sub-conscious mind to unearth long forgotten dreams and plans gives me very powerful insight. I realized sometimes we are just going through the business of life and not really living a meaningful life. Without revealing any identities I want to share few observations and learnings here.

We want to achieve everything and that too now!!! but we are not ready to invest in ourselves. We don't blink an eye while buying latest model of smart phone but we plan for months before signing up for new course online to learn new skill which can prove to be instrumental in paving your way up at work. 

It doesn't matter who you are and what are you doing at this point of time, your focus should be to move ahead and get better with each passing day.  I believe " don't be content". Have that fire, add that zing in your daily routine which motivates you to reach for continuous improvement in your skills and abilities. Here are four reasons which stops people from reaching their highest potential.

1. Self-doubt - We are brought up in an environment to have negative thought at first about anything positive. As soon as we are faced with the chance of promotion, we start doubting our skills and ability to step up and take up larger role and responsibility. Most of us beat ourselves down unnecessarily.We keep telling ourselves that we are not good enough. We find it hard to internalize our accomplishments and are always afraid of being "found out". Whatever it is, find it out and deal with it. Turn down the volume of your inner critic and own your success. Love yourself.  

2. Self-assessment - I meet so many not-so-young people who showcase huge commitment levels in the beginning but fail miserably to deliver when given a real opportunity. Soon list of genuine reasons of sick family and outstation trips crop up. It clearly shows that they are not aware of their own capabilities or may be interests. May be they still haven't figured their calling. Now if you are also Bollywood buff like I am, you would have definitely seen latest flick " Tamasha". Though the movie couldn't really cut the mark commercially, one message I really hope has resonated with audiences is to find and follow the passion.

3. Self-improvement -  Now, you may ask what if one really is not blessed with any earth-shattering talent? I am sure you will have some interests or surely you can develop.  With strong grit, determination and  well established rituals, soon interests can become one's specialty. May be its not your ability but your habits which are stopping you from reaching your potential. Put great deal of energy and effort in developing good habits that stick and work for you. Use these small good habits to make big changes. Do your best and then beat your best. 

4. Thoughts - I believe that you make your own life. Your own thoughts create your reality. Time to manifest these thoughts into reality can vary. Thoughts and energy you are sending out in the universe is writing the screenplay of your life story. As cliche as it may sound, I have experimented with this idea and it worked for me as far as I remember. Yes there will be some supernatural powers at play in some major events like birth and death but between these mega dates it is your own thoughts which is making or marring your life. After decades I realized, lot of misery and worry I was experiencing was created by my own mind. The day I started controlling my brainwaves, my worries did quite a splendid disappearing act. Now, I decide every morning, what kind of day I am going to have. Now, I decide every morning whom to give power to affect me. It is quite a eureka phenomenon for me. I am positive it can work for you too if you are able to rule your mind that is. 

I will leave you with this inspiration today to get up and take charge. Life may corner you one day into facing your fear head on. Anticipate. Prepare. Action. Happy conscious living!

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