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How not to get in black hole of Procrastination

by Ritu Mehta Share via -

Whoa! We're already halfway into the week. Have you eaten the frog of this week yet? Or procrastinating ? Read on for some quick tips to trick yourself into not falling in this deadly trap -

1. Your To-Do list should only have things you are avoiding. Skip "Grocery" since you will have to do that no matter what.

2. Break big tasks in minuscule milestones and then celebrate your accomplishments.

3. Try not to wait for that perfect day , time and idea. Tell yourself - Just start , don't think about finishing right now. Want to work on your taxes - start collecting documents. Most likely, you will end up finishing a big painful chunk of it. Want to start eating healthy - Order fruits online now. Once they will show up at your door step- most likely you will end up eating them. You get the point.

4. Multitasking is overrated. Focus on one thing at a time and get done with it. Now, celebrate small victories.

5. Identify your procrastinating triggers and deal with them for once and for all. Delegate / outsource tasks you can't handle with ease.

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