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Choices, Career and Coaching

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I am a Career Coach. It essentially means that my most coaching conversations revolve around career choices, further advancement and then navigating complex corporate maze or stressful journey of own business. In the past few weeks, I happened to heard quite a few of "I don't know where to start" and "I am doing this but haven't really found my calling yet". Now if you are blessed with tonnes of cash, you can get a team of best business advisers and strategy consultants to get you started and further accelerate. And if you are not and want to start solo in low budget, then first step could be to make a good list of your strengths and resources. Include little passion to it and it should start giving you some idea. Why write? Write to design your thinking. Make a list / post-it-notes / collage, something to put it all there and then one fine moment, you will see a picture or a fine bright idea shining through it. I am a great fan of design thinking. It always works for me when I am stuck while working on some ideas or making important decisions.


Another way - Think of something you are right now struggling to find. Most startups start from this point. One woman I know, couldn't find good enough supplies and people to pull off a special birthday party. Today she is a very successful party planner. There are lot of real-life examples where people started doing something when they realized that particular demand is not fully met by the market then or the choices were limited.  You got the point. Also, be open minded to pick up some skills along the way. Internet is flooded with free online courses / study materials to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s not easy but it’s simple. Most importantly, it’s doable. 


You can also use design thinking approach to come up with What, Why, How, When of your purpose. I say When is NOW. How you will figure out along the way. Everybody does when their put their heart to it. Today focus on Why. Or better, ask yourself, Why not? 


Here are some of the business ideas which I have observed people around me using it to a reasonable success. Please see if it helps you in any way. Content creation is the new buzz word. If you have a flair with words, you are in the right era. Few more are resume service, party planner, corporate events planner, wedding planner, makeup artist, home baker, personal chef, organic food manufacturer, art and craft instructor, gardening consultant, soap making, image consultant and many more. My best friend is personal fitness consultant. She is super busy making people fit and working with them on their self-image and confidence. She is super rich too if that is of any motivation factor. 


Wishing you the best of discoveries and ideas. Do write back to me for any help in brainstorming your career road map. 


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