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Career lessons which can be learned from SRK ( yup! The King Khan)

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Let me give you a quick background about the brand I want to talk about today. It is 50 years old and still going really strong. Well, you will agree that whether we love him or hate him but we just can’t afford to ignore him. In the last few decades, I have fallen in and out of love with SRK several times. But this is not about my love tales or even stardom of SRK. I am always intrigued about the way he conducts himself in public. I find his moves very fascinating as how slowly and steadily he has worked on his very powerful personal brand over the years. Let me ask you a question, Do you think it can be replicated in other industries by not so glamorous people?  I would say, yes, certainly it can be but then one has to be really dedicated and gritty as he is. Let's venture together on how he managed to be where he is! 



1. Be an expert at whatever you do. There are many average people around us anyways. Even if you are an entry level employee today, aim to be the best new kid on the block. Put your soul into your actions. He has created a niche for himself and mastered his craft. Even if it is as simple as his signature open arm's pose. I bet you visualized SRK right now. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what I am talking about. Dig in, introspect and find your signature skill today. There must be something for which you can be to-go-to person at your work. Discover that niche and master it to perfection. Then, may be diversify. I know not all of us can buy IPL teams, but count on me; most of us can pick a new course and add some new skills to our resume.


2.  We work hard to achieve success. He worked harder after becoming success. No point resting on past laurels or series of hit movies. Take some risks, keep re-discovering yourself. Be courageous. You will make some mistakes ( remember Ra-One!!!) but hey isn't that the crux of life. Mistakes are the rough sketches before you craft a master piece. Don't let them define you but allow them to guide you. Learn. Unlearn. Re-learn. Move beyond your comfort zone and expand your limits. You hit some, you miss some but it's worth the effort. Undoubtedly, he won the audiences with his impeccable performances in many like Swades Chak-de and the list continues…


3.  Create a connect in client's minds which reminds them of your exemplary product or service. Work towards striking a chord with your clients and wow! them with your offering. Customize your services to client specifications and allow them to feel that you are dedicated to their project completely. If you have ever watched SRK live on stage interacting with his fans, you will understand where I am coming from. He will give his complete attention to an absolute stranger in front of his countless fans and will leave a mark on few lives forever. That is the customer service that will delight any of us, isn’t it? Imagine, you getting such a service when you call a service provider. And that is exactly the level of service I aspire to deliver to my clients. 


Now, I ain't any Rahul or Raj but I am, without doubt, dedicated to master my craft with my signature skills. Remember what Jim Collins said “Good is the enemy of great.” Good leaves us to mediocrity; hence I hope we strive for nothing less than excellence.  Create your signature skills and develop an infectious aura around that none can resist. 

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