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How Coaching can Improve Performance at Work

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To understand how Coaching helps in Improving Performance at Work, I would like to give a brief about what is coaching and how it works.

What is Coaching

Coaching is an interactive process of observation and reflection. The Coach listens deeply and ask questions for the coachee to self-observe and self-reflect. Coaching is that process, which helps us, understand the gap between perception and reality.

How Coaching works

We start the process by evaluating what is the current reality of the Coachee in all seven areas of his/her life. This process gives clarity what one wants to achieve in each area of his/her life. In each session, we start working on one area and start going deeper in subsequent sessions. This helps coachee to realize what beliefs and patterns he/she has stored in his/her subconscious mind. The process is safe as we do emotional release process in each session.

Now we will explore what it takes to be a High Performance Employee and how Coaching can assist. There are many aspects, which comes in the way of an Employee to become a High Performance one. We will explore few here

1.     Motivation – Motivation is mainly an inside work. A self-motivated employee will always perform above average. However, motivation comes from outside sources as well. Outside motivations keep changing and sometimes they do not meet our expectations. Coaches are trained to help Employee explore what it takes for him/her to be self-motivated and stay focused on his/her goals. Through the process of Coaching, a senior Employee also learns how he/she can keep each member of his/her team motivated and focused. 

2.     Communication – Communication is a two-way process. For it to get completed, the communicator must be able to clearly express and the receiver needs to listen deeply as to what is being conveyed. An Employee is often handling so many things at a time that he/she misses out to reflect on his/her own way of communication and gets hassled about other person not doing as was told. When I was working with one of the Corporate Employee on the same, he realized what he is doing which is not working and got multiple solutions as to how he needs to communicate instead.

3.     Boss-Subordinate Relationship – This again plays a great role in a Corporate set-up. One of the middle management Employee I was coaching, wanted to improve his relationship with his boss as he identified this is affecting his performance. We started by exploring the positive characteristics he likes in his boss and then I helped him have self-realization on how he is getting benefitted that his boss has this quality. Then we explored the negative characteristics of his boss and by underplaying, I helped him realize where in his life he is displaying the same characteristics. With this exploration itself his views towards his boss changed. Rest of the Coaching process was to integrate what he explored and the action plan as to what he needs to do to improve his relationship with his boss. In the next coaching session, he reported the increased understanding with his boss.

4.     Recognition – An Employee’s performance increases further if his previous contributions are recognized and rewarded. Often Employees complain that their work has not been recognized. Through the process of Coaching, he became aware what importance this holds for him and how this is affecting him. Before Coaching his belief was that he is doing his work and it should be noticed on its own. Through the process, it became clear to him what was holding him from expressing it to the Management about his contribution and from where this belief is coming. After doing the emotional release exercise, he was ready to execute his learnings.

Our beliefs are made during the age from 0-12. I will be writing about this separately.

5.     Growth – Well who doesn’t want Growth!! I am referring to the Promotion here. I have deliberately taken it separately from Recognition as Recognition can be in the form of a letter, raise in salary etc. The reason I am touching on this part is because sometime we think the Management is not recognizing our efforts hence we are not getting the Promotion. This insight was given to one of the Employee I was coaching. He started by telling me that he hasn’t got the Promotion for quite some time in spite of his producing the results. As we went along, he started becoming aware that due to some personal problem, he was not wanting to get Promotion. He was performing well in his job but somewhere in his subconscious mind he was convinced that he will not be able to handle both the increased responsibility that comes with Promotion and the Personal problem with the same devotion. As I kept asking him questions, it became clear to him that this was only his perception and not the reality. After doing the emotional release exercise, we made plans what all he needs to do to get ready to go up the ladder.

While these are some areas I have touched upon, I invite my readers to please share their concerns and I shall be too happy to reply how Coaching can help them to be a High Performance Employee!

 I look forward to hear from you.

Rise n Shine!

Mona Singh


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