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How a breakthrough happens in a Coaching session

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Numerous demands of our world around takes all of our attention and we don't sit down to think what we really really want and what is it that we are doing or not doing that we are not been able to achieve our goals and/or overcome the obstacles. Most importantly, we don't give undivided focus on 'what do we really want from life'. 

First and foremost, the Coaching session provides that platform. I spend fairly good amount of time during a coaching session with my client to help them have the clarity as to what do they really want, what are their goals. Then I ask strategic questions for them to think deep what emotions are coming up and help them relieve those emotions enabling them to clearly see what actions they need to take and help them make a plan to do that.

One of my Corporate client told me, during one of many sessions he had with me, that he wants to be a successful person. After helping him get the clarity as to what his definition of successful person is, I started asking stretegic questions for him to gain more clarity. In this session, we went further deep and explored one of the incident when he was 7 years old. He could clearly see the pattern that if people don't agree to his views, he loses interest. This was a 'real breakthrough' for him. He immediately realised that this attitude will not help him become a successful person and he immediately made a note of it. From there his transformation happened and he started to change his attitude.

Coaching is the best gift one can give to oneself and the loved ones.

How often do you make goals in your personal and professional lives? Are you achieving them regularly. What is your response to a stressful situation? What emotions are you displaying when things are not going as planned?

Coaching can help you get more clear about yourself and about your goals and help you discover your hidden strengths and weaknesses to work on.

I look forward to have a detailed discussion to help you think deep for your own self. I normally don't charge any fee for first discussion. 

Rise and Shine!


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