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Truly coaching to me a vocation

by Bruno Lean Share via -

Failures ,  up's and down's and still being able to float has been my greatest strength to be a successful Management Coach. And so goes the saying failure is the stepping stone to success..and it goes on to say believe is true.

When I begin my coaching mind travels back to the year 1500 "the coach and the horse " , how they moved in tandem to carry people from one destination to the other. Before embarking for coaching I thought my academic's and various other interests and experience would make this profession palatable. 

Little did I know that my heart of love to listen was the most important thing to be a coach. The privilege to coach many professionals in many walks of life has been an interesting journey for me. I thank God for leading them to break the silence of my clients hearts...and bring out many streams from within them . I wonder in the end how God could use such a fragile soul like me to bring success to many wonderful men and women .

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