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The sacrament of confession is a sacrament of the catholic church..every catholic is supposed to have at least one confession in a year . The process is to speak to the priest at the confessional about all his sins and the priest represents the church on behalf of the confessor for absolution . However this is doctrine of the catholic church. Right from the hierarchy which means from the pope to the lay this is obligatory . 

I have done quite a bit of research on this and I found people found relieved after speaking out their sins to the priest at the confessional . The most important fact is that the priest at the confessional is to keep it confidential as well as to never to witness against the confessor including in a court of law . In a nutshell what I am trying to bring out is that the role of a Coach is sometimes related to this act.

My role as a management coach is sometimes like the priest at the confessional because some clients really speak to us , because he feels we listen as well as follow the pledge and ethics of life coaching .

What I have jotted is my opinion ...and I just to share to my friends in linkedin.

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