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Life coaching

by Bruno Lean Share via -

Life coaches you have a role to play for the youth of India ,as it is statistically said that majority of our population are below the age of 35 years. I have been keen on this group to coach with my niche as management coach.

As a management coach I have been able to reach out to many young men and women to help them to come out of their situations where they were subjected to remain stuck. The fundamental guideline to coaching is based on patient listening and prompting the right question to the coachee during the coaching session . I firmly relied on this principle , but I thought to myself that if I give a little time to speak about certain things to them like non verbal communication, etiquette and good manners , personal branding, story telling and so on it could bring out some positive thought in them. 

I really started to do implement this concept and found the response very encouraging . If life coaches find this post  interesting , put a little thought over it ....also share your ideas too..

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