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Why we created twelveweek

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Vivek Slaria is a professional coaching service marketplace. It helps people achieve a specific goal in life by using the services of a coach.

twelveweek also aims to further the cause of coaching by helping people know the value a coach can bring to their lives. This will help people be able to create their best lives. 

On twelveweek, you will find coaches across a wide range of specializations including life, business, executive, career, wellness and many more.

The product is in beta (live testing) phase right now. 

Why did we create twelveweek?

We firmly believe that a life coach can create a better world by making a difference in a person’s life. Here are  some factors that led us to create twelveweek.

A lot of us lead a lesser life than we are meant to.

This is because the society has conditioned us to live in a certain way. Success is defined in certain narrow terms and each of us is raised with that picture of success in mind. As we chase that mirage of success, we let go of the real reason why we were born. Our distinctive way to make this world a more beautiful place, also called childhood dreams. A life coach can help take a check, change gears and move towards a person we are truly meant to be.

However it is not as simple as it seems!

Most of us do not know what a life coach is or does.

This creates an incomplete and sometimes erroneous image of what a life coach can bring to your life. A life coach is not a teacher, a counselor or a therapist. He is a person like you who has walked the journey ahead of you. The process is very goal-based, time bound  that helps a user be able to create their best life. It helps a person be able to take control of his or her life and then purposefully move towards a life that they are meant to live.

twelveweek aims to bridge this gap between the coach and the coachee and thus make this world a better place.

How do we know? We have gone through this change ourselves. As founders, our life changed significantly due to our coaches and we want to help more and more people be able to create this change within them.

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