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Uplift your coaching profile with a great picture

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

The first impression matters – we all know this. The first impression we make about a person on Internet is often through their profile picture.

As a coach, you may miss out on connecting with clients because of the photo you selected for your profile. Your profile picture is the demonstration of your personal brand, and you should select it with care.

Here are seven tips to ensure that your profile picture is the best and helps you connect with your customers.

1.      Always use a picture

Almost 20% of the time spent by a person visiting your profile is on your profile picture – if there is one. So what does your profile picture tells others about you?  It is important to not leave your profile picture blank, or use your company’s logo as your profile picture.

2.      Right Image

Make sure that your profile picture portrays the right image about your profession and coaching expertise. If you are a business coach then it will be great that your picture is of business attire. If you are a relationship coach then semi - formal picture is acceptable. Your image should look natural, closer to the way you look off the screen. There is no need to heavily edit the picture.

3.      Up to date

Your client likes to see you as you are today, and not what you looked like five years back. You should update your profile picture regularly – at least twice a year - to stay connected with people in an authentic way. If something is causing your appearance to change significantly then you can choose a different frequency of updating your profile picture.

4.      Get a professional to take your picture

Many people would pick up a picture that they already have, instead of spending money or time to take a good picture. However, a snap from a professional photographer can be a worthwhile investment (Remember – you are creating your brand!)

5.      No full body/only face shots

It is preferable to upload a clear image with your head and shoulders. Use a plain or minimalist background to ensure that you stand out in the picture. Also, make sure that the image is clear and does not get blurred when uploaded or undergo change of dimensions due to website settings.

6.      Prepare and smile

A good smile can make prospective clients seek out more information about you – so don’t forget to crack a genuine smile while getting your picture clicked by a professional photographer or a friend who is a great amateur photographer.

Ladies - Do not forget to put light makeup and do good hair.

Gents – Remember to pay attention to your hair and beard style.

7.      Keep it solo

While pictures clicked with pets, children, friends or strangers may hold great memories for you, they are not the best choice for a profile picture. You should also avoid cropping yourself out from a group of people – that is likely to yield a pixelated image. Your profile picture should be solo and preferably taken by a professional.

So, what are you waiting for? Click away!

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals live their best possible life. Book a session with her at



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