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Three tiny steps to creating an engaging profile

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Vivek Slaria

A coach’s profile is like the main display unit of his shop. This is the first impression that a person has when he or she is looking for a coach. It is important that this profile speaks clearly to your visitors encouraging them to engage your services. Shared below are three tips based on the data from twelveweek. As a next step to this, log in to twelveweek and update your profile with the tips shared.

1.    Solve a problem    

Create a headline that clearly highlights a problem you solve and then offer its solution. People come looking for a solution to a problem. It is important that your first ten words are about that problem only and then the solution you offer. An example would be: I help you get a new job through my purpose inspired coaching method etc.

2.    Use a clean, open profile picture

Have a look at your profile picture right now and see what it tells you. Your profile picture should be clean with your face clearly visible and no disturbance in the back ground. People like to know who they are sharing their details with and this makes profile picture important. Invest in a good picture by hiring a good photographer. Make sure you take a few candid photographs as well. You can use them in your articles and other places.

3.    Write articles on your twelveweek profile

Do this right now, go to your dashboard on twelveweek and post one article. You will find ADD ARTICLE icon on the left side of your profile. Going forward, make it a habit to post at least one article every week.

A seeking user typically reads your profile articles and then books a pre coaching call. The probability of converting a profile visitor to a pre coaching and then coaching client doubles when you have articles on your twelveweek profile. The articles should use simple english, be approximately six hundred and fifty to seven hundred words and increase awareness on the subject of choice.  

So, log in to your dashboard, update your problem statement, put up a good profile picture and add a few articles, right away.

Happy Coaching!

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