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Ten real steps to make best use of your life coaching sessions?

  • 14th October, 2015
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

Coaching is a team work. While coach does the preparation for making the coaching call to be as effective as possible, as a coachee, you must also understand your role in making coaching session a success. In this article, I am recommending ten real steps that can make significant change to the way you. Experience coaching.

1) Show up on time
One of the most energetic way to participate in the coaching call is to show you up on time. If possible, be available on your laptop, desktop or smartphone at least one minute ahead of your call time. Starting late does no good to already committed coaching time of coach and yours. Exceptions are understandable.


2) Clutter free environment
As you know that our external environment plays a crucial role in the way we conduct ourselves and it has its implications while holding a conversation. Since most coaching happens online it is important that you keep your environment non distractive. Check your connections in advance. keep the glass of water, coffee or tea with you, considering  that coaching calls last from 45 minutes to 60 minutes

3) No multitasking

During your coaching call, If you are flexible to move around here and there, check your phone in between or intend doing other stuff then let me share that you can do all of it however this is not something you will be happy about and proud of eventually. So it's best that you practice the habit of joining the coaching sessions with full attention.


4) Make notes

Making notes of your coaching experience and coaching conversations is not nice to have, it is must to have. Let the coach know whenever you would like to take a note of something. This is required so that you do not miss on anything while you are busy taking notes.

5) Always prepare yourself

It is important that you prepare yourself completely for your scheduled coaching sessions. Do not keep any important meeting or commitment exactly before your coaching call. Refresh notes from the previous coaching class. Always make a list of items you would like to discuss with coach.


6) Open up the session with an agenda

Every coaching session should have an agenda that needs to be adhered to throughout the coaching session. Though initially the coaching sessions are driven by the coach, you must learn to lead your coaching sessions with an agenda written by you.


7) Be honest and open minded

Coaching is all about bringing results to your life goals. It is important that you remain honest with yourself and about yourself. You know the best about your life and not the coach. To make the best use of coaching sessions, be honest and open minded.


8) Take coaching feedback positively

Seek feedback from the coach about the coaching session and view it in the positive light. Take time to reflect on the feedback and have conversation with the coach in next session, if required be.


9) Close the session with take always

Ensure that every coaching session gets concluded with a crystal clear understanding of your next action steps. Also remember to ask for support from coach. Coaches are always happy to support. It is important that you ask for it.


10) Thank the coach for the wonderful session

It's important that you remember to thank the coach for her or his time and for investing the time towards your goals. When your coaching sessions happens in the best possible way then being grateful is natural.

All the best for your next coaching session!

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at

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