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I do not need a life coach

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Vivek Slaria

What is common between Sachin Tendulkar, Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs?

All of them are very successful in their chosen area of work. Each has broken past the trials of their journey and emerged victorious when others failed.

Each of them also had a coach in their journey who helped them move forward when they were not who they are.

A coach is the silent engine behind you that helps you move towards your goals persistently. He listens to your inner most fears. He questions your limiting beliefs and helps you break free from them. He helps you challenge yourself so that you do not drown in your own self.

A coach helps you rise above you so that you can create your best life.

Each of us is in a battle of life. We all have aspirations - personal and professional - that need to be met for us to live a life of respect. This drives us to give more and more every day - often at the expense of our own self.

Moreover, the world today is exploding with choices. While choices are good, having multiple choices undoubtedly makes life more complicated, with no clear correct choice.

Consider the two arenas of life – professional and personal.

First – our professional lives. Each of us wants to create a great career. We want to be successful, contribute meaningfully and in so doing live a respectable life. However career decisions today are not as simple as that.  

Each professional is always at a cross roads with multiple options open. These include questions like - Should I stay in my current organization? Should I shift to another organization? Should I move overseas? Should I join a start-up? Should I start a start up?

This is not a complication that previous generations faced. Careers were relatively simple and the number of choices limited, allowing a person to make the best of what he or she had.

The second arena is our personal lives, which are no longer as simple as that of earlier generations. An individual faces deep personal questions - What do I want to do? Which has priority - my responsibilities towards myself or my family? I versus us has come into spotlight in more ways than one.  The family structure itself lays in shambles, demanding a new structure in it’s place. We are in the midst of a huge tornado.

How do we emerge out of this?

One option is that we move along with the tornado - the default option. As life goes on, we get pushed along the way and accept that as our life. This is possible and may be a good option too. After all we are able to take those international holidays, buy the house, own the car. All of this with security and continuity of life today.

A few of us chose a slightly different option. A few of us choose to fight and then ride this storm. These are the people who live on their own terms. They leave a trace of footsteps for others to follow. They may decide to create a new business, move higher up the career ladder or face personal challenges and rise above them. These are the people who choose to create their best life. Such are the people who find the help of a coach invaluable.

A coach is like an oar that these people have in their journey of riding the stormy waters. He acts as a sounding board, an inner voice, a driver when the person needs rest.

In summary - it is true that you do not need a coach. No one does - you could be living a perfectly excellent life and will no doubt continue to live that.

Is this your best life though? What if you were able to create your best life? What if you were able to do things that leave footprints for others to follow? It is possible and your coach can make it possible for you.

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