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How do you know if you have hired a good life coach?

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

Selecting a life coach is, in some ways, similar to selecting a life partner. There isn’t any foolproof way to know how the relationship would turn out over time. There are, however, ways in which you could go about making a choice with greater confidence.

It’s the same with selecting a coach – there isn’t any foolproof way to know that you have selected a coach who’s a good fit for you. But there are a few things you can do to have better confidence in your choice.

Here are five ways to check if you have selected the right coach for you!

  • A good life coach will also have a coach

It is a good sign if your life coach also has his or her own coach. This is a sign that they truly believe in the coaching process – which greatly increases the chance that your partnership will achieve the desired outcomes. It is okay for you to ask a life coach this question, and other questions as well. After all, the coach-coachee relationship (and associated confidentiality) works in both directions, and a coach would be happy to share personal details with their coachee.     

  • A good life coach is interested in your dreams and goals

 A good way to check if the coaching partnership is working, is to ask yourself – how interested is the coach in your goals and ambitions, and how much support do they give you? A coach should be almost as invested in the success of your dreams and goals as you, and far more than your friends, family, or even partner. If your life coach does not match this criteria (and you should be honest here), you should look to change to a different coach.

Note: A coach is also interested in getting paid on time, but the coachee (you) can tell if money is the only motivation for the coach.

  • A good life coach genuinely cares for you

 If you have taken professional coaching in the past, then you would know by now that a good life coach will genuinely care for you. If the coach ever feels that the time has come where another coach would needs to take you forward, then this coach will not hesitate to ask you to avail that coach’s services. A good life coach should not operate out of a mind-set of scarcity but feel powerful about being a coach. 

  • A good life coach encourages you to take your full responsibility

Your initial experience of life coaching will almost always be very good. You will find a life coach very supportive, helping you in all possible ways and you will be able to see results as well. To sustain a journey that continues to bring good results from life coaching, a good life coach will encourage their coachee to take complete responsibility of their thoughts, words, actions, habits and results. A good life coach will be able to challenge you, rather than pamper you, to become best version of yourself. 

  • A good life coach will move on to change another life

A life coaching engagement varies from a period of three months to six months and sometimes from one year to five years. It could be entirely different as well in terms of your goal, size of goal and what you are willing to do to make your dreams come true.

However, it will always have specifics – in terms of time committed and goals. A good life coach would like to move on to make bigger impact and help more people lead better lives. 

I hope this helps you evaluate whether the coach you selected is good for you.

Happy Hiring!!!

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at

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