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How did twelveweek life coach Rick Gyger attracted his first paid session?

  • 26th October, 2015
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

Who is Rick?

Rick Gyger is a certified life coach based in Zurich, Switzerland. Rick helps people to break free from the limiting beliefs and social conditioning about who you should be and how you should live your life. His core message to his people is “Be Extraordinary”.

Rick’s Story in his own words?

With a background in hospitality & tourism I travel around the world since 22 years. In 2010 I became interested in the Raw Living Foods lifestyle and started to teach how to prepare delicious plant based food for ultimate health and well-being. Since many years I am part of Crimson Circle, a global community of like-minded people on their spiritual quest in a transforming world; it made me become more aware of consciousness. I practice Energy Healing (Reconnective Healing, Quantum Touch, Soul Body Fusion) easy to learn yet very powerful modalities everybody should know. My coaching style works especially for people who are missing something in their life and are ready to make changes. It's called deep, fearless coaching.

What did Rick Gyger do to have his first paid session on twelveweek?

 1) Created a winning profile

Ricks profile included an open, warm clean picture of his. His profile was detailed about his work and he included a lot of articles on his area of work. All of these lead to a higher number of visits. This lead to a conversion and Ricks paid coaching client.

2) Worked closely with twelveweek’s team

Rick work actively with twelveweek team to share with them material that they may use to promote his work. This includes quotes, alternate pictures and articles that he creates. Rick actively engages on twelveweek page of facebook and linkedin by sharing pictures and posts on the twelveweek page with his network. This gives Rick a higher traction and direct leads.

3) Eagerness to explore

Rick has an attitude of an explorer. He loves learning and exploring things on a continuous basis. While Rick is based out in Zurich and currently he is in Spain, he did not mind registering himself to a less than month old platform Rick works actively with team over skype to brainstorm new ideas to enhance his coaching business. 

Ready to learn from Rick and lead !!!

Yes I do.

Happy Leading!!!

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at


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