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How am I Coaching, Consulting and Confirming Clients?

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

Client looking up to a Coach for an answer is often a situation in coaching sessions. What do you do when client wants you to help by providing solutions/answers/responses from your life experience? Is it Coaching or Consulting? Or a mixture of both? As a coach, how do you lead such situation with your clients?  

There could be several ways to lead this situation, I am hereby sharing three ways to work with clients in an authentic and effective manner. This more applicable for markets like India where we are on our way to explore, accept and embrace coaching.

1) Listen to the client first: When you are having a conversation with client for the first time or subsequently then it is important that we listen to the client about their understanding of and expectation from coaching. During coaching sessions, you might observe that client is looking up to you to speak and share. In these moments, listen to the client fully and ask more questions about the areas where client may need your guidance, support and advice in future as well.

2) Let the client know about you and what you have to say: Once you have listened to the client fully, let the client know about what do you do as a coach and what you do not do as a coach. If there are areas which are falling under the area of consulting then do communicate with client further

You may let the client know that 

  1. My life is entirely different from your life and my suggestions may not do best for you as they did to me.
  2. I am brought up different life experiences and environment and my advice may not bring desired results for your life goals.

You may ask the client

  1. Why do you believe that you will not be able to formulate solutions all by yourself?
  2. Why do you think that my advice will bring the best results to your life.

3) Confirm your working arrangement as a coach and as a client: Knowing your client’s needs, wants and expectation you may want to share more about coaching and introduce client about the areas of consulting. You can decide if your working arrangement should include only coaching, only consulting or a mix of both. Many of my clients work with an arrangement of 80% coaching and 20% consulting as this is how we believe that we can do great work together. As a coach, it’s my responsibility to create awareness about coaching and consulting and confirming it with client.

Coaching is all about the client and meant to bring results in client’s life while working in a team. It is important that as a coach, we communicate with the clients in transparency and share our experience as well, when asked for.

Happy Coaching!!!

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at

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