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Does a Life coach have a master key to your dreams?

  • 17th October, 2015
  • By : Anupriya Nayyar

"What do you do when you have fulfilled your dreams? You enable other people’s dreams,” said Professor Randy Pausch, during the aptly titled ‘Last lecture’ he delivered at Carnegie Mellon. Along with a trail of lessons he left behind, he laid special emphasis on the power of childhood dreams.

Let me ask you a question. Do you know anyone who doesn’t have childhood dreams?  Come to think of it, you don’t. Didn’t we all at some point daydream and visualize ourselves:

·         To be an athlete, a pilot, an astronaut, a painter or taking up one of those exciting careers?

·         To be those ten on ten people, who are super at work, super at relationships, even make time for hobbies and live life to the fullest?

·         To be able to take up community service, win a marathon or perhaps even climb the Mt. Everest, someday?

The truth is we have secretly had (and still have) one or more of these unfulfilled goals.

And here’s a reality check - with every passing year, life takes us few hundred steps away from what we initially wanted to achieve. Somewhere by the middle, we begin to lose a connection with our childhood dreams. We tend to accept the usual and forget about our ability to take charge and make things happen.  And, how can we begin to enable other people’s dreams till we haven’t realized ours?

So, is it possible to reconnect with ourselves all over again?

Fortunately, YES! There’s someone who can help tie together our wishes, the present and our future goals. And that’s a Life Coach.

 Let’s understand who a Life Coach really is? Someone:

·         Who helps you create your best life

·         Who is an awesome sounding board for a problem or a goal that has been making you feel stuck

·         Who besides helping identify what to do, also clarifies the ‘how’ part.

How a Life Coach does all of this?

1.       Firstly, by listening to you

2.       By making you meet the real YOU through a constant dialogue and some meaningful questions

3.       By breaking down a larger part of the puzzle into smaller pieces

4.       By holding you accountable for your actions

5.       And, by making you draw a blueprint towards your goal.

Who a Life Coach is not?

-          A Consultant:

o   A consultant may offer the right answers; a coach begins with offering the right questions

o   A consultant would have a fixed step by step process to solve a particular problem; a coach will make YOU come up with your own, unique and magical solution.

-          A Therapist:

o   For a therapist, you are a patient, for a coach you are a seeker

o   A therapist may apply some textbook models and answer the ‘why’ part, a coach will use experience and the engagement established with YOU to address the ‘how’ part.

-          A friend:

o   While a coach instills the same comfort of sharing a problem or purpose with a friend; beyond that a life coach is a professional honed to bring out the best in YOU

o   Subtract the biases, judgments or expectations of a friend and add a similar level of camaraderie over time, and that’s a coach.

And, now to answer whether or not a Life Coach has a master key to your childhood dreams?

The answer is NO, because that key is with YOU, only hidden behind certain clues of a treasure hunt. A life coach has a way to help you decipher these clues and reach the magical door that opens up a vast world of possibilities with YOUR master key.

Anupriya Nayyar is a personal leadership coach with Greenlatte. She brings along an interesting blend of consulting and the creative writing world. Having worked with McKinsey & Co. and Deloitte Consulting in the past, she is now a screenwriter scripting food, travel and lifestyle shows for leading television channels. Her goal is to help individuals lead a purposeful life and maximize their innate potential, at work and in life beyond work.

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