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Connect with clients with a well written article

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Neeraj Tyagi

Growing your coaching business is not always easy – especially if you are relatively new to the profession. It is necessary to attempt multiple ways to reach out to potential clients and build your practice. One great way to do so is through writing articles and blogs.

A well written article is a great way to bring value to the lives of your potential and current clients, share your knowledge and experience, and establish connections with both your customers and members of your industry. Here’s how writing articles can help.

1.      Opportunity to build great connections

An article addressing an issue or question faced by your potential clientele is a great way to connect with them in a manner that adds value to their lives. There are many different types of articles that you could write - here are few ideas

a.      The “How to..” Article

How to.. articles are easy reads and can help your clients by giving them an actionable solution to a problem they face. Some topics could be

·         How to create empowering habits in your daily routine

·         How to create goals that are achievable

·         How to create a CV that would attract more interview calls

b.      Addressing a question/problem

You can help potential clients with an article addressing common questions or issues that you have come across. Some topics could be

·         Balancing a career and marriage

·         Can I get a promotion in next six months

·         Figuring out if you are in the right relationship

c.       Case Studies of clients benefiting from your coaching process

Talking about the ways in which your clients have improved their lives through your coaching through a case study is an excellent way to talk about the way you work, and what to expect from a coaching relationship. This also presents a potential client base with tangible proof of the difference you have made to the lives of other clients.

2.      Higher Engagement

Articles shared with the world can drive more traffic to your profile. Well received articles would be Favorited, liked, commented on and shared, leading to greater exposure for your coaching practice. Potential clients who find value in your article could try to reach out to you.

This would drive more pre-coaching calls and, as a result, more paid coaching calls. You may also be able to estimate the business you get through writing articles, which will help you tweak and optimise your content in the future. A simple starting point may be to ask actual customers how they came across you.

3.      Your personal brand

The biggest benefit of writing an article is that you can communicate with your clients directly. This helps to create your own personal brand. Highlighting great work done with other clients can give a polish to your professional reputation. Well researched, regular writing builds credibility among your clients and your peers. Higher credibility leads more clients, possible speaking engagements and also establish a continuous relationship with your client.

4.      Personal growth

Article writing also affects you on a personal level. Writing regularly helps you improve your communication skills consistently, which helps you build up confidence and work with clients more effectively. In addition, you have to get out of your comfort zone and study different aspects of training and coaching. Finally, publishing a well researched article may seem hard initially, but putting in that effort on a regular basis will also bring discipline into your life.

So get out your notepads, tablets and laptops; research your subject well; and write your first article.

The effort will be well worth it.

Neeraj Tyagi is a certified International Executive Coach who helps professionals living the best possible life. Book a session with her at


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