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Career crisis a coach can help

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Vivek Slaria

Amit was a successful mid-senior level executive
in one of the leading corporations of the country. He had dedicated the last seven years to the firm working hard and late nights. The company had also rewarded him equally well compensating him financially and with opportunities for his work and dedication.

Till now.
The business in the last two years had been slow. The markets were slow. There was no real expansion and while the team strived to move forward, the results were not showing.

The leadership at the company was watchful  and realized that keeping Amit at the current position may not be the best decision. They decided to move him to the regional headquarters.

Amit was not happy and did not know who to turn to.
He did not want to relocate and uproot his family at this stage. His children were in crucial years of schooling and he wanted to be with them. However there was no career left for Amit in his current role and he knew it.  

Recently Amit’s engineering friend had called him. He had started a small company long back and had now got a sizeable venture capital. Amit’s friend wanted to work with the right set of people to help scale up the company. He offered Amit equity and a very high salary to help him scale up the company. Should he take that up?

Amit’s wife Nain was a freelance designer. He discussed his dilemma with her. “You are quite talented, why don’t you start your own company,” she suggested and rather pointedly. Amit did not know. He was never the entrepreneur kinds and did not want to land up in uncharted waters. He tried explaining this to Nain but she too stuck to her point. She was always the riskier of the two. “Don’t I hav a point too. With your irregular income, how can I add up to the uncertainty,” he thought.

The questions kept gnawing in to Amit and he had no clue of what to do next. Should he take the international assignment, should he join his friend’s start-up, should he start his own business? As he became caught in this whirlpool of questions, he started getting disengaged with everything around him. In the office meetings he was never focused. The sharpness that was once his hallmark, was no longer with him. At home he was always distracted and the kids started complaining. The anger started coming out and house fights became a regular feature. He became an irritable, cantankerous, withdrawn person. Slowly, everything he had created over his entire lifetime seemed to be falling apart.

A life coach specializing in career can help.

This specialization is called a career coach. A career coach first understands you and where you are coming from. He helps you navigate the dialogues of your own mind to narrow down your choices to a logical few. With this done, a career coach helps you pick a few very specific goals and work towards achieving them. He will up skill you on tools needed to remain focused on your goal. He will challenge your existing beliefs and open your horizons to make place for new ideas. Moreover, he will keep you on track with your goals when you lose momentum.

A career coach helps you build a career that you want. Not the one that your existing company builds for you.

Vivek Slaria is the CEO of If you are stuck in dilemma on your career or life, get a life coach. Log on to Create your best life.

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