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5 things a coach brings to you

  • 18th May, 2016
  • By : Sangeeta Janardhan

Don’t we all wish to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life? Who doesn’t long for a thriving career, prosperous relationships, a sound mind, healthy body and a happy soul?

But here’s how real life looks like for most of us: Technology rules our lives and we have constant distractions to keep us away from accomplishing what we desire for.  We are often lost in a milieu of emails, tasks, phone calls, messages, meetings and ‘n’ number of responsibilities at hand.  This way, how is it possible to remain focused on all that matters to us – our professional goals, personal life and realising the true purpose of our lives? 

For that matter, do we even have the bandwidth and capacity to think about our life’s true purpose amidst such a fast-paced life?

Apparently, WE HAVE. By permitting ourselves a life coach who steers us to our destination. 

A coach may not know your path or goals but he or she can be a neutral partner to shed some light on those dark areas that you do not perceive.  A life coach is not a magician but sure can add tremendous value by helping you navigate quickly with ease.

Here is what a life coach can do for you:

Be an unconditional listener: no presumptions, no assumptions, no judgements, and no prejudice.  100% engaged and attentive to things you say and things you don’t.  A Life coach is someone you can share the most bizarre ideas and ambitions and not be judged.  And who knows you can even chalk out a plan to accomplish those crazy ideas. 

Be non judgemental: about you failure or success.  It takes absolute objectivity to do that.  More often than not we don’t have that one person in our lives who can accept us and allow us to be who we are.  There are friends, well-wishers, relatives, rivals etc.  But who do you share your fears, dreams, failures and those deep seated doubts about yourself with? Be a mirror: that reflects back to you your true self.  The mirror does not lie.  You cannot cheat the mirror.  But the mirror is neutral and non judgemental.  So is a life coach.  He is going to make you feel neither falsely comfortable about your ‘laurels’ nor grossly dejected with ‘failures’.  But remains steadfast to show you a true picture howsoever it may make you feel - unhappy, uncomfortable, challenged or elated. A good life coach calls a spade, a spade.

Be an accountability partner: having regular sessions that cost you some money will make you more accountable for all the short term goals you set for yourself with the help of your coach.  A life coach creates a momentum for you that can be kept up towards accomplishing your dreams.  If you walked alone, there is always a danger of slackening, getting diverted or lost.  With a life coach, you stay on track.

Be action oriented: Every session with your life coach will sensitise you with time and highlight the possibility of accomplishing what used to appear impossible till you kept working towards it alone.  You will find that getting from point A to point B would be a definitive aspect of your life which will begin to look a lot easier as you go about exploring the opportunities to pursue your goal in the presence of your life coach. 

So what’s the next step? Gifting yourself your best life.

How? By getting yourself a life coach. 

Why? Because, you are worth it!

Sangeeta Janardhan is a Certified Life Coach who help you peel off the layers and layers of limiting beliefs and other veils that hinder you from accomplishing your unique dreams. Book a session with her at 

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