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Best way to deal with "Rejection"

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We all have experienced rejection and we know it can hurt, but we also need to remember that it does not have to derail your efforts or your future. We have to accept and face rejection as it is a part of each one’s life.  While rejection is not enjoyable it is rarely fatal.

Fortunately, there are strategies you can use, to help you how to use rejection as a stepping-stone to success. You can try the following ways to deal with rejection quickly and effectively, so you can move on in life.

 We all don’t want to constantly and hence It is a good idea to take a short break. Let anyone reject you, may it be your partner, your boss, or a client who has rejected you, take a short period of time to fell upset about it and that’s ok but make sure you pull yourself together. Do not stay away from taking too long to re-engage with your life. You might like to take some time, but get back as quickly as possible.

 Always remember that it was not the only opportunity you have, but realize that many other opportunities exist. There are Millions of opportunities waiting for you. Your ideas can bring those opportunities at your doorstep. A single rejection would rather show your participation in the world.  We also see many people who don’t get rejected are at home on the couch. There are many opportunities in the future, and many of them are infact better than the one you recently missed.

 Every day we learn a lot in our life. Let us learn from rejection. Let us ask these question and find out, was there something that you could have done better? It is essential to take some time to really look at the rejection and learn from it. If you can learn one small thing from each negative experience in your life, you will have fewer of them. For instance, you ask your boss or manager and if appropriate, ask what you can do to improve. He might be very willing to give you a few pointers that you can apply in the future. Listen closely to the answers you receive and accept that a certain amount of rejection that you have to face.

 As jumping to conclusions is not actually exercise, we also need to avoid automatically assuming that the reason for the rejection is related to you. Similarly, as sales people are trained to think that every “no” is another step closer to a “yes.” We need to remember that each rejection is bringing you closer to success. If you give up even before attempting, how will you succeed? Hence, keep at it and you’ll eventually succeed.

 Rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success. - Bo Bennett

There’s no choice but to deal with rejection and everyone has to. The most rejected people are those who are most successful. They are the ones who do a better job of forging ahead than those with average results.        

Another best practice is to monitor your self-talk. The more you keep your thoughts positive and upbeat the more powerful and motivated your feel. As poor mood and expectations gives poor results. Say all possible good things to yourself and same will happen. You are most valuable, hence treat yourself well. Just with one failure it isn’t an excuse to mistreat you. Rather, eating too much, or drinking too much alcohol, or excessive spending isn’t the answer. Infact, celebrate the fact that you made an effort and maybe for your rejection you deserve a small reward.

 The more you keep yourself happy and cheerful the easier it will be to face any rejection. Rejection is just an unexpected and undesired outcome. So Learn, grow, and keep trying. Do not allow the rejection impact your mood or behavior.

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