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Binod Maliel

Career Coach

Bangalore, India

I help you - ambitious executives and entrepreneurs to develop a clear plan to become high achievers without being workaholics, so that you can confidently win at work and also win in life.

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About Myself

I am a Business and Growth Coach, an International Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Infopreneur. I am certified in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Leadership, and Project Management.

My motto is “Win Without Workaholism.”

While I understand that you aspire to be an even higher achiever than you are now, I also understand that you want not only to win at work, but you also want to win in life. On the one hand, you want to grow in recognition, respect and reward at work. And on the other hand you also want to create more free time and use it for your personal life.

Most ambitious people work hard hoping to become high achievers, but they don’t achieve what they want at work or in life. Over three decades of my work experience in various arenas, I have learnt that hard work is necessary but is NOT sufficient for success. High achievers work hard, but they also work effectively so that they can also play hard.


  • * two decades of corporate experience where I was part of senior management, 
  • * another decade of running training and coaching for high performance in Project Management, Leadership and Personal Effectiveness, 
  • * and being certified in Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Project Management and Neuro Linguistic Programming among other certifications,
… I am UNIQUELY positioned to help you achieve YOUR dreams of winning at work along with also winning in life.

What is it worth to you if you are able to get more recognition, respect and reward at work? What is it worth to you if you get more freedom at work? What is it worth to you if you can do all this and free up more time for life - for being able to build a closer relationship with your spouse, to improve your health, or to learn a new hobby? 

Connect with me and start the transformation in your life that you so much desire and deserve.

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My work and process details

  1. Understand and agree on goals you want to achieve
  2. Understand and agree on the coaching process and commitment
  3. Start with your highest priority goal and then to the next and so on
  4. Understand what is blocking you from achieving your goal
  5. Think through options to overcome
  6. You agree on the actions you are willing to take
  7. We track progress on them together, discussing obstacles that come in the way, and thinking through how to overcome them.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Rakendu Sharma

Binod’s program helped me in understanding that problems cannot be solved until I change my thought process. With the power of thought I can solve my problems in my own way, and also I can find solutions. In the early days of program I said that I neede

Poonam Bhagchandani

Over the years I have both been a participant of Binod's training, and have also organized training by him for my organisation. In his programs, he covers his topics with ease. He has an aura that captivates the audience. He makes it fun with activities,

Mukundan A.P.

Leadership Coaching by Binod Maliel has helped me to improve my capability as a manager and grow into the senior leadership of my organization. I feel that the time he has taken to understand me, to listen, to discuss various options, and to track them th

Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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