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Success Recipee

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Success needs only Passion


Dear Friends,


We all may have been hearing since our childhood about different recipee for Success.  Our mind works like a blackboard only during our childhood. It gets imprinted over there, whatever we are told and what we experience.  We will go one by one about all requirements of Success and I will try to give certain examples which may give you another thought. Please go through it with open mind and rethink about your belief.


We all consider Success in one terminology and that is R.E.I.G.I.

R – Rich

E. –Experience

I  - Intelligent

G. – Good Luck

I – Individual Entity.




- We all hear in our daily Life, that we have to become rich in order to achieve success, or setting up a Business.

 Bill Gates is the 2nd richest man in the world, but if you go to history of Bill Gates, he was only a Programmer. He ran one small company initially and sold his first computer to city of Seattle that could count city Traffic only.

DhiruBhai Ambani was the son of a school teacher in Gujrat with a modest income . He worked as a Gas Station attendant and then as a clerk in oil company. I believe, I do not need to introduce him with anyone of you .



 We often hear, that become successful or to achieve any new thing or any goal, we have to get experience and we cannot do with a fresh mind .


Mark Zuckerberg became billionare, when he was 23 years old and all because he helped start a little social network from his room. Now that “little” social network has become one of the world’s leading sites. Facebook has over 1 billion active monthly users, and Zuckerbeg has a net worth of about $13 billion.


Sachin Tendulkar is the world’s greatest batsman and he stared his career successfully at age of 16 only.




 We all have belief that we have to be intelligent enough to become successful or to achieve our goal.


Thomas Edison, who invented Electric Bulb, was called as a dull student during his childhood. His Teacher named him as addled which means confused or mixed up. None of the school was ready to take him as a student and his all studies took place at home only .


Albert Einstein was denied a teaching post and later on he became a syllabus.

Good Luck


This is very popular word and most of us believe in Good Luck and say that we need to have good luck to achieve success.


Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease at the age of 21 . After some year Hawking became less mobile and confined to a wheel chair. In 1985 an emergency Tracheotomy caused his total loss of speech.

He became one of the greatest physicists since albert Einstein. He wrote “a Brief history of time “was published in 1988 and became an International Best Seller.


Helen Keller was an American Author, Activist and Lecturer. She was the first deaf/blind person who became graduate She became blind due to an illness of the Stomach and Brain. Keller was one of the greatest Speaker and Author.



Individual person cannot do any thing


We always say that an individual cannot do anything and we require a group of people to achieve anything .



Mahatma Gandhi a Common Man, who initiated the Task of India’s Freedom and became the Father of a Nation .


A.R. Rahman ( Allah Rakha Rahman) world’s most famous Music Director and Artist (Top 25) started his Music career without any help and created most innovative band of himself.





If you will search, you may get lots of other Successful Personalities, who have shown that Success requires, one and only one thing and that is Passion to achieve your Goal. They all wanted to do something in their Life and never became hopeless, though they were not having all required things, which we think should have.


We all get demotivated, if we do not get our goal initially, but Successful people don’t get diverted from their goal .


So, what are you waiting for ?? .  Start working on your Goal in arranged way ,and no one can stop you. It’s our internal beliefs only who make things possible or impossible. Therefore please remember .



Impossible is Nothing !!

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