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Ashish Kumar

Delhi, India

I help you find meaning in your life, identify your goals and help you achieve them. 

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About Myself

I already work in Corporate at Senior Position and having more than 5 years of Professional Life Coaching Certification.  Being human being, I myself have faced several Emotional and low self Esteem issues and during that period, I had done deep analysis of myself and completely transformed my life in physical and Emotional things..    Life Coaching and helping others is a real passion for me and my soul gets satisfied while helping others.. I want to show and help world about real tricks and way to transform their life and live fully.


My work and process details

My Coaching Process involved Skype and Face to Face coaching as per need.  I directly help people to hammer their inner soul and intelligence, so that they can face world confidently and deal with every situations of their life.  We generally don’t know, that all solutions of our problems are staying inside us and everyone need to know the way to find solutions.

I help people to make them aware about themselves, which help everyone to make strong in physical and emotional activities .

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Pricing Details

At twelveweek, we work to bring you the most competitive pricing. Coach pricing depends on a number of factors.

This includes duration of assignment, number of people to be coached, pre and post work needed and the impact to be created. Please call us or email us to share your requirements.

We are happy to talk and design the right coaching intervention for your organization.

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