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Give it your best shot

by Anupriya Nayyar Share via -

During my growing up years, I remember having this Dennis the Menace poster in my room that read, “Before you say I can’t, say I will try... Then give it your best.” In the poster, little Dennis stands with a basketball in his hand and eyes on the net, pondering whether or not he should go for a throw, that well, looks quite a target for the little boy.

What a classic childhood quandary! Actually later in life too, every goal puts us in exactly the same quandary as Dennis. And before we know we are quite overwhelmed with decisions such as:

-           ‘Should I begin to look for a new job?’

-          ‘It’s high time I lose some weight but how?’

-          ‘How to better manage my time?’

-          ‘This relationship is going nowhere, should I move on?’

-          ‘I am a great cook, should I turn my hobby into a profession?’

-          ‘I got to make more money but not by robbing a bank!’ ... and so on.

If you’ve been on one or more such crossroads, try collaborating with a Life Coach. And here’s why:

#1: If you feel stuck, a coach can draw that ‘un-stuck’ plan.

Whether it’s a bad relationship, a business problem or something personal which you aren’t comfortable sharing with those around for the fear of being judged, but it sure makes you feel stuck, a Coach can help. Besides offering a patient ear and non-judgmental perspective, a Life Coach can help your prepare your ‘un-stuck’ plan and execute it.

Not only that, a Coach be willing to hold your hand until ‘stuck’ ceases to be a word in your dictionary.

#2: If you aren’t happy with the money you make, or the job you’re at, it’s time to turn to a Coach.

Coaching is an expense only till it begins reaping benefits such as a salary raise, a better career choice, a decision to start a business, increased productivity, a more balanced life and so on. No wonder, those who have worked on their goals with a Life Coach, say it’s the best investment they ever made on themselves.

#3: If you’re losing your ‘sparkle’, a Coach can make you shine all over again.

What use is the money you just made in #2 if your sparkle is missing! If you can’t recall the last time you felt truly happy and in the moment, if you’ve been feeling deprived, irritable and in loss of control for far too long, let a Life Coach bring some method and make you sparkle all over again (only this time even brighter than before).

#4.  If you’re unable to give up a bad habit or adapt a good one, a Coach makes you reach the finishing line.

Has quitting smoking, giving up on anger, putting a stop on swear words, starting a fitness regime or any such habit, good or bad, been on your list? A Life Coach can help push the action button and become an external force to be accountable to in pursuit of your habits.

#5. If you’re zapped about which goal to pursue, a Life Coach can show you a way.

When it’s about something as important as a life goal to devote your time to, a Life Coach can help sift through and make you distinguish between best and the rest. A Coach ensures that the goals you chase are 100% yours and not those “must-do awesome things to try before you die” defined by someone else.

I know I had only promised five reasons, but knowing the awesomeness my Life Coaches have introduced me to, here goes another killer reason to collaborate with a coach – they make you your BEST version possible, by introducing you to someone called - ‘the unstoppable YOU’.

Oh and back on our little menace Dennis and his aim so high. Who knows if Dennis had found a Life Coach, he would have probably grown up to be a basketball rockstar! J

Anupriya Nayyar is a personal leadership coach with Greenlatte. She brings along an interesting blend of consulting and the creative writing world. Having worked with McKinsey & Co. and Deloitte Consulting in the past, she is now a screenwriter scripting food, travel and lifestyle shows for leading television channels. Her goal is to help individuals lead a purposeful life and maximize their innate potential, at work and in life beyond work.

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