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Build yourself to "handle" difficult periods of your life

by Abhirup Banerjee Share via -

In the perspective of Life, Change is the only constant. It is inevitable that there would be positive and negative events in life as that is the nature of life. If one would delve a bit deeper and understand even our heart beats in ups and downs and in case the heartbeat becomes a straight line then medically the person is no more alive. It is a known fact that in life difficult periods are bound to appear but it is for us to understand that these difficult periods are actually the outer crusts for change that must take place for the greater good of one’s life.

If negative trends occur, it is more important how we handle them than whether we try to eliminate them totally from our life. It is natural that people panic during these situations, believing that his or her life is coming unraveled but if one can believe in oneself and the have believe in the higher mind then the same person instead will “handle” the trend and in the end, this negative trend will have produced positive benefits.

It is easy to think positively about one’s life when in a positive trend and it is more important to continue to think positively when there are negative trends. One should realize that to yield to negativity will create further negativity and delay the change for the greater good that is taking place. Therefore, whenever there seems to be a negative or difficult trend in your life, this is the time to test your spiritual power.

The first step is not to allow your thinking to become negative about yourself and life – no matter what! You must keep your thoughts positive by realizing that you are going through a transitional period, which appears, on the surface to be negative or destructive. The only thing that is being destroyed is the “old” in your life, to clear the way for even greater good in your life. One would realize sooner or later this period would transition into something bigger and better.

In the midst of a difficult or negative trend in your life, take more time than ever to program your mind with positive thought patterns. Along with keeping your surface thinking positive, you should be programming your subconscious mind daily with thoughts that will cause the difficult trend to pass more quickly, resulting in greater benefits in the future.
You should also take time to enter into deep meditation each day to maintain peace, and for inner renewal and regeneration through contact with your innermost spiritual nature.

Your own self analysis to "handle" negative trends:

Self analysis can help to stimulate insight and intuition from one’s subconscious mind, in bringing realization of the causes behind a negative trend and direction how to bring about a positive new trend in life as a result. Ask the following question of yourself.

What in my thinking has brought about the present trend?
What in my thinking can be changed to bring about a positive new trend?
What at this time needs to be eliminated from my life and what needs to be added to it?
What in my life no longer serves me as it once did? A job, a relationship, an avocation, a life-style … what?
What is my Inner Self trying to tell me about making positive new changes in my life?
Live Life!! Live for the moment!!Choose to live better than ever

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